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And Here We Go!

Stella is curled up behind me. I got home last night to vacuum and do one last load of laundry. She was very patient even if she did not like the vacuum. I threw her ball as much as I could. I hope she realizes that we will be back. She should as I’ve told her enough. Our dog sitter will be coming over before too long after we leave to spend time with her.

Everything is packed but four things. Everything I am taking is in two bags. Go me! One of the bags will be my “carry all” at the event. I decided that I will try to share one photo from the day while we are gone. Then I ‘ll try to figure out what the best way to share the rest is.

I am trying to write this with a Stella in my lap. Ok, I snuck the ball and threw it. That took a lot of scratching before she dropped it. I just got a message from a friend wish me a safe trip and fun time this weekend. ❤️ Even though I am excited (I prepaid for a photo op with one of my heroes in costume!) I am still dragging my feet about leaving. But since I am driving I need to make sure we get on the road.

I am curious to see how things will go this weekend. It has been many years since I have ventured out of state. I think it will go well. It’s just the getting there that is going to be a “hassle.” Mother Nature thought it would be cute to put a light layer of snow over everything night. I raise my middle finger to that. I am very much over the snow and cold. Most of us around here are this year.

Since someone is winding the dog up I suppose I will wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe! The next episode will be from Ohio!

6 thoughts on “And Here We Go!”

  1. I hope you all have safe travels and a wonderful time! I’m always super anxious when I go out of town overnight or for several days ( not often) since we have dogs, too. But I’m sure once you get on the road, you’ll be more excited. Have fun!

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