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Last Minute Bits…. Do I Have Everything?

I just want to sleep. That is all I have wanted for several weeks now. I got good sleep (even if I would wake up coughing) last night. But I want more. I got out early last night, got groceries, came home and cleaned the master bathroom (mostly), cleaned the mouse cage and swept the floor. It doesn’t look like much when I type it out but there was a lot done. There are things I may still do once I get home tonight like vacuum. I did miss a spot in the shower last night too. That will need to be done but it isn’t very involved. Just spray the cleaner and let it soak for a bit.

This will be my first long road trip in Angus. And my first road trip where I have been the driver (moving back from Florida doesn’t count). I am trying to look at things as a fun adventure but I have been so stressed with making sure we had someone to stay with Stella, worry about how Stella will be (she hasn’t been alone since we got her and since we just lost Essie I don’t want her to stress and think that she was getting dumped somewhere) figure out what I wanted to do once we got there, worrying about taking Angus (I am overly protective of my car), worrying about money and getting the time off…. oh and cleaning. Let’s not forget that. Some things are legit concerns but a lot of it is me making unnecessary drama for myself.

We will leave around 8am tomorrow. Maybe later depending on how together I am and what time I make it to bed. I want to do this before we go so that means getting up a little earlier. I plan to do my blog while we are gone (much like when we went to Oklahoma a few years ago) but it will have to be on my phone. I’m not lugging the laptop with us. I can get clothes packed before work today and I can get most of my sling backpack pulled together as well. I am so grateful I made lists earlier. I could not think of what to take right now.

I’ve gotten everything written out for our dog sitter. There is the Stella list and then the tv list. Using the tv can seem complicated at first because we access everything through one of the two gaming systems (did I mention I was married to a gamer? lol). And she wants to watch Ozark so I have just written it so that she gets right to her program. I think it is pretty straight forward. I have always been good with written directions so I am hoping that continues.

I honestly think we will have a good time. It’s just the process of getting there. So until tomorrow morning when the adventure will begin! Thank you for all the love and support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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