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Has Anyone Seen Toto?

Another article for the paper done and dusted. It was a long meeting but a short article. I am grateful that they did a Zoom meeting otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten home until 10pm. It was an interesting meeting none the less.

Right now I feel a bit scattered. Strong winds have been blowing since yesterday morning. The rain has been pretty steady since yesterday afternoon. The wind is the big thing. Several places have lost power. I find that when it is windy I am either focused or way off. I am way off today. I got some sleep last night but not enough to catch up. And there is still so much that I need to do before we go! Once Chris gets up I will try to knock out some of the projects. There is going to be a mad rush of things tomorrow night. I have cleaning to do that will probably require me to shower after and I might as well get them all done at once. I will either do them all tonight when I get home or all tomorrow night when I get home. We have hard water so I try not to shower too often. If I get out early tonight (we will probably be dead and I am supposed to work til 8pm) I might consider doing it all tonight.

Stella is behind me dreaming of something. I think she is giving someone kisses. I am looking around trying not to see everything that “should” be done. I need to dig out the bag I am taking. It’s actually a sling backpack. It has one strap that goes across my body instead of two straps that go over my shoulders. That will be what I take with me to the event. Then I can have hands free if I do get anything. I’ll just pop it into my backpack. I think a smaller bag will have all my day-to-day stuff in it.

I am staring out the window watching the trees bend sideways with this wind. Funny thing is I picked up most of the fallen branches from the yard the other day. I wonder how many more there will be (as a gust of wind rattles the house). Since I am not really doing much writing (this small amount has taken much longer than necessary) I will wrap this up and get doing around the house. Thanks for reading and all the support! Stay safe!

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