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A Bit Under the Weather

Neither Stella nor I feel very good this morning. I didn’t sleep very well. 1:30am I was up feeling like I was melting. I was so hot I was sweating up a storm (naturally because we had fresh sheets). My anxiety started ramping up which meant several trips to the bathroom. I am not much better since we got up. I fought with myself as to how late to sleep. Stella is curled up in a tiny ball beneath a blanket on the couch. I can hear her tummy gurgling from here. She went out and started eating grass as soon as we got up (the fact that she got up at the same time as me means she really didn’t feel good). I made her breakfast but she hasn’t touched it.

I need to finish up laundry after I do this. When Chris gets up I will hop in the shower. Maybe that will help. I know part of the anxiety is the trip. Since I am driving there I am hoping that it will keep my brain distracted. This will be the only time we have left for a few days since we went to Oklahoma to visit Chris’s family. That was several years ago. And I don’t know how much money I will have for the trip. I may end up not getting any autographs. We’ll see. I did not get scheduled for a full week of hours (only 32… 33 since I went is at 6am yesterday instead of 7am). I need to scope out my bills again to make sure I am ok. I should have a full week this week since I am taking a vacation day for one of the days. Things are just all over the place.

I need to find a CPA that will help me next year with my taxes. Chris and I will be filing separately next year. With the money I get from the paper it just doesn’t pay for him to do it jointly. So this year I need to start keeping track of mileage and such so that I have a paper trail for my income taxes. I am excited to be “on my own” yet at the same time not. I am stepping out of my comfort zone.

Our dog sitter stopped by last night and spent some time. We ran over how to work the tv, what to feed Stella (I typed Essie), some of our routines. I need to write it all down for her. I may do that at work tonight. I know I have to get my tobacco order done soon too. I did not get part of my order (again) this week. So I called and left a message. I am over the new company.

I should wrap this up and get it posted. I do have fresh photos to add today. I tried to take a bunch so I’d have something to chose from. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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