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Powerless Chaos

What a mess… the power went out at 3am. I fell asleep around 4:45am. My alarm went off at 5am. Our two old smoke alarms that are connected directly into the wiring of the house have been going off in a steady whine. Chris and Stella have been able to sleep through it but not I. It is bad enough I am on my own out here in the living room. Stella ate breakfast but refused to go out (it has been raining steadily since yesterday afternoon). She went right back to bed. I don’t blame her.

I am not sure how crazy work will be. We have the new generator so we should be up and running. But the internet might cause issue if it is out as well. I’m not sure how wide spread the power outage is or how long this will last.

Since everything is out here I don’t know when this will end up online (gads that noise is annoying!😡🤬). I tried to read some of your posts but I couldn’t get to very many with no internet.

Funny thing is my car is in the garage. No power so I can’t get the door open. I really don’t want to get the ladder out in the dark and try to find the short string to try to pull it open manually. I will probably end up taking Chris’s truck. He parked so I could still get my car out if we got power back.

No photos since I can’t upload the ones from my camera. I am running behind since fumbling around in the dark has taken me a bit longer to do things. I made myself some tea (so grateful for a gas stove!) since the Keurig is down. On that note I bid you adieu! Thanks for reading and stay safe!❤️

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