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Let the Adventures Begin!

Ahhhh the adventures yesterday! It was busy enough at work that the day went by pretty quickly. Once I left work I headed straight to Mom’s. I got a few Gerber daisy plants for her to cheer her up. (It worked.) I also brought over their gifts from Christmas. (We made plans to get together several times but they all fell through.) The girls were thrilled to see me as I got lots of puppy love even before I got in the house. Her gash is about as long as my pinky… maybe a little longer. She said she has 9 stitches but I think it is a little more. She also has a pretty big bruise beneath her right eye. But she is ok and she is happy. We had a nice lunch together and chatted for a few hours. I also brought home 35 six packs of my favorite beer. I hauled these up from Mom’s basement and Mom took them out onto the porch so I could transfer them to the car. Why so many you ask? I can’t find it locally (for me) and Mom can. They usually have 2 six packs on the shelf at a time so she buys them both so that they will keep ordering them so I can still have my favorite beer. It used to be available all over up here but I guess I am the only one anymore that drinks it. So she buys them and stock piles them until we get together and I get them.

After that I came home, unloaded the beer in the garage (there is space and it is cold out there) then loaded up Miss Stella. It was almost 60F (15C) and sunny…. beautiful out. I decided that since Stella hadn’t gotten much play time over the past few days that we were going to go for her first walk. We went to a local park that had a paved pathway (with all the snow melt my car looks like I have gone mudding on the back roads). I used to take the first four dogs we had when we moved in here. (Yes I took them all at once and there were times I roller bladed with all of them. They were that good.) It looked different than I remembered. As we pulled in there was a guy letting his dog run all over. The dog listened to him and heeled when we pulled past them with the car. I parked as far away as I could from them (it had the advantage to being closer to the trail anyway) and we got out and headed up the trail. I heard him calling his dog several times once his dog saw Stella. He ended up leaving once he got his dog to come back. Stella didn’t even bat an eye. She was too enamored of all the new smells. Far up ahead I heard children. Sigh. Fine. We will walk as far as we can then turn around. Then one of the little snots comes running and weaving all over almost running into us. I asked him not to do that around my dog (this is her first outing into the real world outside of the car so I didn’t want to overwhelm her). Meanwhile I hear his mom yelling for him and here come two more kids. So I just turned right around and headed back to the car. We walked maybe a quarter mile though. She was very good all things considered. I told her to stop when the kid came flying at us and she did. All she did was watch him as he went by. Then she wanted to get back to checking everything out. She listened very well on the leash for the most part. I am excited to get her a harness. Then she won’t choke herself and if I pull on the leash she won’t choke.

After that we went to get some groceries and then headed home. Once there I had the epiphany to see if Dad want to chat. Then I would have an easier day today. He did. Yay! After a quick shower I let him know I was available. So we chatted for several hours. Dad is considering getting a small dog. I was pleasantly surprised. I think it would be good for him. He asked be various things about dogs and behaviors. I told him things that he would be expected to do… even if he didn’t feel good. He said he had a lot to mull over. I encouraged him to go to a shelter over a breeder. Beyond the obvious reasons if things don’t work out they can take the dog back and try to find it another home. I encouraged him to look online at different shelters and talk to people. So we’ll see what happens. I am excited for him. It will be someone who is there for him and he needs that. I said that it would be good to get into a routine as well… another thing that I think would be good for Dad.

Today should be a bit easier as I just need to get together with my neighbor and give her the dog outwear for her little guy and I will have company tonight for dinner and a movie. Either or both ladies could cancel. But that will be ok either way. The warm weather of the past two days has melted quite a bit of the snow (YAY!!!). I can hear a lot more birds singing at both the front and back of the house. A customer yesterday said she saw several robins so I am on the look out! I will take a few photos and then get this posted. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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