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Possibilities and Decisions

Here we are in the dark this morning. I am trying out the new charger I got us for the trip. I forgot to put my phone on the main charger when I went to bed. I have to say I am impressed. It is charging right along as I do this and nothing is getting hot (I have a problem with the phone getting hot if I use it as I am charging).

After work today I am headed to Mom’s. I am not looking forward to the drive as Traverse is getting too big too fast. There is constant traffic whereas before the traffic was only bad during tourist season (we call it fudgie season since they really like the fudge that is made up here). It makes me sad to see all this building going on. Where before you could see the bay there are now empty new buildings. Still they build more.

Stella has stayed up with me this morning. She is curled in a crescent beneath a blanket beside me. The clouds and moon overnight have made for some fun photos. I will share what I can this morning. I am thinking about bringing my camera to Mom’s but will I use it? I’m not sure. There will be countless opportunities to do so. It is just a matter of will I pull over an take the photos. It sounds plausible now but later I will just want to get to Mom’s and get home. I may bring the camera just incase though. I can keep it in the office at work.

I may take Stella to the park for a walk today. She didn’t get much in the way of playtime yesterday and tomorrow will be busy (although she will have company to play with tomorrow night). I don’t have a harness for her yet. Even if I brought her to get a harness after work one of Mom’s dogs will start a fight with her and that would ruin the whole thing. So if we go to the park it would have to be with her normal leash. We’ll see.

I need to wrap this up if I am going to add the photos. Thanks for reading and have a great day! Stay safe!

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