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No Way Out

Yesterday’s title “Busy Busy” was more apt than I thought. Not long before work Mom sends me a photo of her forehead with a gash in it. I guess she fell down her stairs again. Sock slid as she was walking down. She did go to Urgent Care where the doctor gave her 9 stitches. While this sounds like it happened like the fall of dominoes this unwound over several hours of texting. “Do I need to leave work and check on you?” “Are you sure you’re ok?” Things like that. She was back home and settled in by say 6pm. Meanwhile work was crazy. The weather was nice so we were busy. The deli was short staffed so I spent some time back there. We didn’t have a carry out for two hours so I did that for a bit. We had no heat because our gas line had been turned off to be able to hook up a new line for the new equipment in the deli. They still hadn’t by the time I left last night. I came home exhausted. I didn’t want to get up either.

I plan to go to check on Mom after work tomorrow (I get out at 1pm so I should be able to spend some time with her). Friday I am going to my neighbor’s to give her Stella’s old coat and Essie’s boots. Dad wants to talk and I have our dog sitter coming over for dinner. I was going to try to go to see Mom Friday but I just am not going to have the time. I am wiped out.

I did have two dear friends stop by. They got me a Halloween/Michael Myer’s tee shirt (this is a classic slasher horror movie from the late ’70s). That was kind of a bright spot. I had problems talking with them because we were so busy. When they left I was stuck in the office with paperwork and trying to put out another fire so I had to say my goodbye’s from there.

Today I need to do laundry and get the mouse cage cleaned. Again. Those little critters are messy. But it will be done for another couple of weeks. I’ll do it one more time before we leave. I have things around the house that I need to get cleaned before we leave. We’ll see how that works. Things just seem to get more complicated lately.

I need to wrap this up so I can get things moving here. Too much to do with too little time. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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