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Busy Busy

Let’s see if I can get this written before the battery goes dead, lol. It has been a busy morning. I got up (on time for once) and started my article. Most of the way through I heard a knock at the door. Turns out it was the assessor’s for the township and they needed to get some photos. Weeellllll …. about 15 minutes later the gal and I were still talking. That being said she knows where to get tattoos and cheap gas around here. I guess they had a LOT of houses between here and Petoskey to photograph (Petoskey is about 45 minutes to an hour away). Very nice women (the younger gal started taking photos while the other gal and I chatted) and good conversation.

I also got a text from a dear friend and I guess he is stopping by work to drop something off for me. He finds these different horror themed goodies and picks them up just because he thinks I would like them. His fiancée is much the same way. I love them both! They will be getting married in August so I am seriously looking forward to the wedding!❤️😍

I will also share another photo of the cucumber plant. There are like 5 more blooms opened since yesterday!😮 I am so proud! I need to check all the plants to see if anyone needs to be watered. We have sun today so all the plants are leaning toward the windows. My Stella plant is laying in front of the sliding glass door as well. Once Chris is up I will throw her ball for her as much as I can. I would now but it squeaks when she lets it go.

Ok, I am going to save this and get some photos taken to share. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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