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Adrift… of Snow

This morning we did our annual “Spring forward” with our clocks. I set myself an alarm just to be sure I got up on time. The clock in the kitchen is correct as is the one on my phone. Nothing else within sight is. I’m just a cashier today so I am going in at a weird time for me, 10am. So I am constantly clock watching so make sure that I am not running late. I feel lost. Every time I look at a clock I have to try to switch gears. Is this clock right? If it isn’t what time is it really?

Today I just want to sleep. I have tomorrow off. Sort of. I have a 6:30pm meeting in Elk Rapids. I may try to write the article that night otherwise it will be my usual morning after. I need to write out my days off for the trip so that it doesn’t come as surprise to the boss. I have a meeting too that same week. So it will be busy.

I cannot seem to figure out what I want to say things morning. I have deleted several entire paragraphs. Mostly because I am trying to seem upbeat when I am not. It is dark and gloomy out. Snow is blowing in from the East. Stella is sleeping behind me on her back, a gentle snore on her inhales. Maybe if I find my center in this moment (still reading my Natalie Goldberg and she teachings writing and Zen)… but I am so tired, mentally and physically. I am hoping the trip is an actual vacation for us. We both need it. Kind of like when we went to the MotoGP in Indianapolis those few years.

I need to have our dog sitter out one more time (atleast) before we go. I should’ve talked to her about it yesterday before I left. I also need to get my passport things sorted out. Dad has sent me the money (means a trip to the bank in Traverse to deposit it) and I printed up the paperwork. I found a local place I can go to get everything done (nuts… I need to look into a photo too) so I need to set an appointment. That will be a goal for tomorrow. I see that I need to hurry myself along. Thanks for all the support! Thanks for reading too. Stay safe!

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