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So Dark I Can’t See Mysrlf

Stella is moaning beside me as I rub her face and ears. She wants to sleep but getting her face rubbed apparently is better. Lol. She is trying to get me to go back to bed instead of doing this.

Yesterday went well as I got a lot done. There are two bags of clothes that I am donating locally. I went through my side of our closet and rearranged. I also spent quality time with my plants. Not only did they get watered but I also wiped their leaves. Many of them collected dust etc. I also repotted my Christmas cactus. So far she seems to be doing well in her new pot. I was anxious when I repotted my violet a few months ago. I hope my Christmas cactus does as well! I also brought in my small trellis from outside. My cucumber plant is so smart! Within half an hour of me putting a few of it’s vines on the trellis is started to wrap itself up the metal.

I will share more photos tomorrow. This morning it is dark o’clock and everyone is asleep. Oh, I did try to read more of your blogs but my phone app kept freezing up. I would have to back all the way out then go back in to my reader. But whenever I did that it started me right back at the top. That meant scrolling down through everything I had already read or seen. I stopped trying after the third time.

Nuts, I need to wrap this up. I’ll share some repeat photos then head out the door. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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