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Today I Think I Will…

Today will be the first day I try to unwind from all of this. I need to decompress and just relax. Stella and I are going to run to work around 11:30am so that we can brighten people’s day with some puppy love. There are several coworkers that want to meet Stella so I said that we could swing by. Other than that my day is open to whatever I want.

I am trying to limit my should-dos and get more want-to-dos in instead. I will probably putter around the house to get things cleaned up (once things get cleaned I usually feel better so this time of year I will pick a room and try to tackle it in a day or two). But I want to work on my writing. For extended periods this time instead of trying to fit it in here and there. I have two main background characters that I am trying to “see” and get their histories down. I want to see if I can progress further into my Norwegian history as well. I have so much of my Italian history done for the novel but I have barely cracked my Norwegian. I have the bare bones and that is about it.

I did something unusual for me this morning. Before I got Stella’s breakfast made I glanced at my little garden growing and my eye was drawn to the swirl that my vine made off of the cucumber plant. So I grab the camera and take a close up shot. Then I notice the texture of another leaf and vine. Another photo. Next thing I know I am wandering the house looking at textures. I only took close up photos of my plants (I would’ve gone crazy if I had started going through the whole house) but I will share those today.

I think I will try to make a creativity schedule of some kind. Something that is fluid for my every changing work schedule. I did make an effort to “lighten my load” by cleaning out my leather satchel. I shared photos last year when I got it from Chris. All my current writing project(s) get carried in there and I lug it around the house with me. If I am not home it is in my office. I want to take it with me to the writing conference. With everything I had crammed in it it gets heavy so I try to clean it out every once in a while. As or right now it is ready to go to the conference. I will probably stuff a bunch of business cards in there to hand out at the conference. I think that will be the only add. I bought my ticket yesterday. I opted for the lunch too so I don’t have to worry about that added expense (or look around for some place to go if I forget to bring something to eat). I am very excited.

The beloved satchel when it is full up. There is also a large pocket on the back.

I am also excited about going to the HorrorHound Convention. I have an idea of what goes on at a horror convention but I have never been to one before. Chris asked me what I wanted to do there. I told him I didn’t want to go in with set plans. I am afraid of being disappointed. I have a few people I would like to meet but I am not going to count on it (long lines that I might not want to stand in and cost). I am sure that there will be all kinds of stuff going on. Part of me is toying with the idea of maybe trying to dress (for some reason doing Jamie Lee Curtis in either Halloween or The Fog appeal to me) but regardless I am mentally going through my horror tees trying to narrow it down to three or four (maybe six so I have a double selection for each day). Maybe I will clean out my side of the closet and go through my stuff again. I have several containers of tees from my life that I keep in the closet. Every few years I pull everything out and rotate through a bunch of them.

I think I will wrap things up. I would like another mug of coffee and to read a little before Chris gets up. Thanks for reading and thanks for the support. Stay safe!

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