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Aaaand Breathe

March just needs to go away. I never got to spend the day with Mom on her birthday (although I did call her). The weather has been absolutely crazy (rain one day that got rid of most of the snow just to have a big snow storm the next day). I am ready for warm days outside. Sadly, that will be the start of our busy season at work and some of us are already busy. I had to ask my editor if someone else could cover my meeting this morning. I am just too wiped out from both jobs. I used to have either the day of or the day after a meeting off. Now I just seem to work both jobs right on through and hope I can squeeze in enough time to get the articles written.

On the flip side since I have some over time this week, I think I will purchase my ticket for the writer’s conference. I am both apprehensive and excited. I will be going by myself (Angus will be getting the miles put on between the horror convention the end of this month in Cincinnati and going down to Lansing the next weekend) but I will not know anyone. For me that is a mixed blessing. I will be freaking out because it is just me, but I will also be happy because it is just me. I don’t need to talk to anyone I don’t want to or be anyone but me… the writer. It has been many years since I have been able to go to a writer’s conference.

I also want to do more photography. I am good at it as far as I have taken in but there is so much more to learn. I have my DVD that I still need to finish watching. But I would like to take a hands-on class at one point. I know bits and pieces of my camera more from trial and error mostly. I would like to become proficient with what I have and then maybe venture into buying more equipment here and there. If I could add photos to my articles, photos that I am impressed with, then I think that would be one more thing in my arsenal.

A big thank you to everyone that has stuck with me through the several essentially no post days lately. I plan on adding a few new photos too. The sun is out and trying to melt the snow but we still have huge piles from yesterday’s storm. Stella has been moving from one sunny spot to the next this morning. Sliding glass door then to the kitchen windows. She is as impatient as I for the snow to be gone. I still need to get her a harness. Maybe this week. I had planned on getting an oil change and taking her with (just to get her out for a bit) but maybe we’ll head into Traverse. I have two days off in a row so if I do it all the first day then we can stay home the second day. We’ll see how it goes.

I should probably wrap this up and get a few photos taken so I can share. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

5 thoughts on “Aaaand Breathe”

    1. I have to remind myself to leave the emotions half and half. I have ruined times that should have been good because I let the anxiety take over. I am trying not to let that happen as much. I am so glad that you liked the photos! Thank you🥰


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