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Morning Mayhem

Oof. What a morning. We got up late (I looked at the clock at 8am and decided I needed a break since I didn’t have to be to work til 3pm and it is day six of eight). No biggie. I tried to brew some coffee. I got some new coffee pods for the Keurig that are hazelnut. The bottom of the pods are like a fabric filter instead of the hard plastic. Yeah that was a 15 minute mess. The first cup I brewed was water. So I poked holes in the top with a knife. Now I have brown water. I am very disappointed. The coffee smelled wonderful when I open the package!

After Stella ate I went to let her outside. She stood and stared at me from across the room. Then she ever so carefully began to lean down. I noticed that her ball was by her feet. She wasn’t going outside unless I threw the ball. So I grabbed the ball and lobbed it outside. She happily went ripping out the door to chase it. After about 30 minutes I heard, then saw, Stella running full tilt at the door but turning last minute before hitting the door spraying ice and snow. Then she was gone. Goober, I think to myself. Well 15 minutes later she is nowhere to be found. I quietly call her name (Chris is still asleep) and nothing. In a quiet panic I go from window to window looking for her. Just as I’m about to put on a pair of boots and head out the door to look for her I see her come around the shed and then try to get under it. She has chased and cornered something beneath the shed. I breathe a sigh of relief as I watch her continue to get at whatever is under there.

I finally am able to do this (I got lost reading many of your posts and lost track of time) and now the whole house is waking up. So my writing this morning will be cut short. It is my own fault for not getting up when I should’ve. So I need to wrap this up. Sorry for the late and short post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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