A Little Rumpus

It is snowing. It was all gone yesterday with all the rain. But now it’s back. (Insert swear words here.) I didn’t get much sleep last night. Something we heard kept waking Stella and I. Then I could smell cigarette smoke. I got up and locked our back door then let Chris know. (We normally leave the backdoor unlocked so if I do lock it I try to remember to let Chris know so he has his keys ready.) After that I just kind of tossed and turned until he got home. I felt bad worrying him at work. I am glad I had Stella with me. I don’t like someone lurking around outside.

We have maybe half an inch of snow now. Grrrrr…. I just want my warm weather so we can be outside again! I truly don’t know what to do about my cucumber plant. It has gotten so massive and is trying to grow up anything that it can attach itself to. The other plants in the flower box have barely done anything. They look so sad. The habanero plants are doing well. I am thinking about spreading them out but for that I need to get more dirt. I might have enough pots if I put two plants per pot.

I also need to remember to get suet for the feeder tonight. I forgot again last night. I think I will check the feeder when I am finished with this. I just filled it but with the wonky weather I need to keep things topped up.

I am excited for tomorrow’s paper. It is our annual April Fool’s Issue (this year it comes out on the actual day!). I need to go to Elk Rapids and get extra copies as a lot of people at work want to read it. Everyone is intrigued about my Dogman article. I may also offer to be the one that brings papers to the store. We have a spot designated for them but we’ve not had any for a long time. I don’t know if it is because no one will bring them or what but I don’t mind making the trip. People do ask for the paper. If the roads are good tomorrow Stella and I will make the trip. If not then maybe next week before work or something.

I see by the clock that I should probably wrap this up and get going on my novel. I did get a full page written as well as several ideas going yesterday. So I need to keep my momentum going. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and sharing your own stories with me! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Just Blowing Through

The weather is just short of horrific this morning. The wind is so bad the clouds aren’t drifting by, they are looking at the mess and hustling on their way to better climes. It has been a heavy rain with ice chunks mess since the wee hours of this morning. On the plus side Chris made it home safe. Another plus is that power, heat and internet are all still working. The wind has blown all the color out of the sky.

I did get some work done on my novel yesterday. It was only a little more than a paragraph but it is some thing. It is also the paragraph that sets up the rest of the novel. I am happy with that. I won’t have as much time this morning to work on it but I will try to get a little bit done.

My Tony Todd autograph arrived for me when Chris got home last night. I also watched the movie I left with the girls (I left them my DVD and watched the movie on Shudder) last night. I am glad I picked that one to have him sign. He has a much larger role than in the first one. In keeping with the horror theme one of my coworkers gave me a promo poster for a new sparkling water we are going to carry. I will share a picture of it. It is very much me.

If I am going to get any work done on my novel I need to wrap this up. I don’t have any new shots (except for the poster) to share so I will repost a few of my older photos. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Finding Direction(s)

Today will be my first day back. I feel so out of it. Maybe that will help me get back into the groove of things. I have done nothing but watch tv and play with Stella. Chris and I watched a bunch of stuff together yesterday. Neither of us felt like doing much. Stella worried me because she didn’t do anything but lay in the sun. She got up a few minutes before Chris, did not eat at all, got a little love from me and laid in the sun. When Chris got up she got her ball and went back and laid in the sun. So I hopped in the shower and took her to the store with me. I had to gas up Angus and get some groceries (I still forgot a bunch of what we needed). Stella still seemed a bit out of things when we were headed home. However once we got home she was all about it. So Chris and I made an effort to keep her busy. She happily kept chasing her ball til well after dark. We’ll see how she does today.

The sun is out but we are under a winter storm watch. No idea what the weather is gonna do. Our dog sitter turned the heat down which stressed out some of the plants. I talked to everyone and watered those that needed it yesterday. I am so not sure what to do with my monster cucumber plant. It has surpassed the trellis I put in for it to grow up and is trying to attach itself to anything it can. I have tons of yellow flowers but nothing else. I wish it would warm up so I can start taking my plants outside. It would give us more space and the plants love being back outside.

I am debating about what to do next. I need to sit down and make a list of things I can claim on my income taxes next year. I think I have five years to show a profit before it becomes classified as a hobby. I also need to work on my novel. (I didn’t yesterday because Chris got up before I was done posting and we wanted to spend the day doing things together.) I want to get a first page printed up for the conference but I also need to keep moving forward with the novel. I gave myself the excuse of the trip to put it off but now that the trip is about the novel I need to get on the stick. Or the pen as the case may be.

I am of mixed feelings about going with someone to the conference. One of the big draws for me was that I wasn’t going to know anyone. But truth be told she and her wife were good roommates in Cininnati so I am more inclined to not be too worried about having her with. I should look at the list of things going on so I can pick my poison. I still can’t believe that I am finally going to a writer’s conference! It has been so long! It is hard to keep pushing my writing when I am the only one. But maybe now that I have another local writer that I am in touch with (especially since we are doing the genre) I can be a bit more productive.

I need to wrap this up for now. I want to get started on things around here while I can. Big hugs to everyone! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Aftermath 😉

It bothers me that I am so out of things since we’ve come back. It was an amazing experience to go to the HorrorHound Weekend but I can’t seem to find my center. I was so busy doing things and what is next that I just sit here feeling a bit lost.

One of the unique/weird things that happened over the weekend was my stress ball. We got to the building so I could get my photo op a bit early. We wandered a bit to see if there was anything to do but it was pretty much deserted. Chris went to the bathroom and I waited kind of pacing. I happened to look out the doors to the paring lot and there was a small pink and blue ball there. It was not there a few minutes ago and like I said the place was deserted. But it was at just the right time for me because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and just wanted to be home despite all the good stuff. (Side note… I joined a Facebook group about that weekend and I guess a gal that goes every year leaves random goodies all over for people to find. Was this her?) That little stress ball has helped a lot. I verbally said thank you when I picked up the ball. And yes I did look around to see if someone had indeed dropped it. There was no one.

I am glad we went. I have many great memories. I spent yesterday (this is no exaggeration… it was a 6 plus hour documentary) watching Crystal Lake Memories on Shudder. I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed it. Poor Chris was stuck watching it too whenever he came out to spend time with me. I was fan girling a lot as I watched it. Kane Hodder, Tom Savini and Tony Todd were all in there (Tony Todd was in Jason X). I knew a lot more than I thought about the whole series.

Speaking of fan girling I think I have decided to get another tattoo. I want to get the iconic Jason mask cracked in half with Kane Hodder’s face on half. I think it will go on my right thigh. I sent my request in to my tattoo artist and he said he would pull some thing together on Tuesday (I for got he took Sunday’s off but he is awesome and still took the time out for me). So we’ll see what he comes up with for me.

On the 9th I will be driving down to Lansing for my writing conference. I may have a riding buddy. One of the gals we roomed with for the HorrorHound Weekend is also a writer and I told her about the conference. I also offered to drive if she decided to attend. I am looking forward to the writer’s conference since it will be a one day thing so I should be back the same night.

What I need to do now it wrap this up so I can start working on my novel again. I want to have a first page to show in case I am chosen to have an editor look at it. Which means I will probably end up typing part of my first draft into the laptop. The novel is far from done but I am pretty sure they don’t want to read off a piece of notebook paper. Ayway, I want to thank all of you for your comments and support! It means a lot that I can connect with others through my writing. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Toto, We’re Not In Kansas… Cincinnati… Anymore

We made it back home. It was an amazing trip and I had a blast! But there were so many people! I used to be ok with situations like that but this time it was too much. That being said I did meet some fabulous people! The art that was on display there was stunning! I brought home several pieces (I will be taking pictures of all the loot for this post) and made several new friends. (If I was able to get a business card I will put that in the photo as well so that anyone interested can contact the artist.)

I got to get my photo taken with Kane Hodder (he plays Jason in Friday the 13th movies as well as a slew of other credits). He is officially my favorite anything right now. I was extremely stressed out and when I finally got to meet him I just said, “Meeting you was worth the anxiety and stress.” I heard an “Awww!” from behind the mask before I got a quick “kiss” and then we did our shot. You can see the happiness on my face.

Honestly all the celebrities there were so kind and genuinely wanted to meet their fans. They cared. My other favorite that I got to meet was Tom Savini (I did post about this the other day) and he was very down to earth. I was glad I met him on Friday because I was able to talk to both him and his handler. Saturday was a ZOO! You couldn’t really see or do anything because you were being pushed along by the force of the crowd. It was even difficult to purchase things from the vendors because I kept getting jostled around when I tried to look at things. Despite that I came home with a horde of good stuff! (Oh and I even fed a vampire my first day there! Ha!)

Since I drove there we decided that Chris would drive us home. (It made sense too since he is used to being up late with work.) The drive home slowly got worse. We had bad wind the whole time. By the time we got home it was zero visibility on our curvy roads with the winds. I had my anxiety bunny Harry with me and I had him squished paper thin the last leg of the trip. We finally pulled in the drive around 3:30am. I was wired from the drive despite the lack of sleep so I think I finally turned out the light around 4:30am.

I don’t want to go on too much since I can talk about it tomorrow as well. I’ll add my photos and get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Quick Highlights 😊

This morning’s post will be short. As it turns out I don’t sleep well if I am not at home. So despite the long drive and busy, busy busy since we got here I didn’t really get any sleep last night. The morning shower helped but…

The drive here was a bit much at times. It was so windy that the semi trucks were driving at a janked angle to try to stay in their lane. It was raining pretty hard at times too. But we stopped at i-hop for breakfast and to fill up and kept going. I think we got here around 3pm or so.

I already got a bunch of goodies including some signed artwork. The level of talent here is amazing! I also got to meet Tom Savini and get his autograph.❤️ one of my favorites in the horror field. He started as a FX wizard and has added so much more over the years! He liked my butterfly tattoo on my hand too!

I also hung with some of the crazy cosplayers here. Such a fun group! I look forward to seeing what today has in store! I think breakfast and the all important coffee will be a start. As promised I will share one photo from yesterday. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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And Here We Go!

Stella is curled up behind me. I got home last night to vacuum and do one last load of laundry. She was very patient even if she did not like the vacuum. I threw her ball as much as I could. I hope she realizes that we will be back. She should as I’ve told her enough. Our dog sitter will be coming over before too long after we leave to spend time with her.

Everything is packed but four things. Everything I am taking is in two bags. Go me! One of the bags will be my “carry all” at the event. I decided that I will try to share one photo from the day while we are gone. Then I ‘ll try to figure out what the best way to share the rest is.

I am trying to write this with a Stella in my lap. Ok, I snuck the ball and threw it. That took a lot of scratching before she dropped it. I just got a message from a friend wish me a safe trip and fun time this weekend. ❤️ Even though I am excited (I prepaid for a photo op with one of my heroes in costume!) I am still dragging my feet about leaving. But since I am driving I need to make sure we get on the road.

I am curious to see how things will go this weekend. It has been many years since I have ventured out of state. I think it will go well. It’s just the getting there that is going to be a “hassle.” Mother Nature thought it would be cute to put a light layer of snow over everything night. I raise my middle finger to that. I am very much over the snow and cold. Most of us around here are this year.

Since someone is winding the dog up I suppose I will wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe! The next episode will be from Ohio!

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Last Minute Bits…. Do I Have Everything?

I just want to sleep. That is all I have wanted for several weeks now. I got good sleep (even if I would wake up coughing) last night. But I want more. I got out early last night, got groceries, came home and cleaned the master bathroom (mostly), cleaned the mouse cage and swept the floor. It doesn’t look like much when I type it out but there was a lot done. There are things I may still do once I get home tonight like vacuum. I did miss a spot in the shower last night too. That will need to be done but it isn’t very involved. Just spray the cleaner and let it soak for a bit.

This will be my first long road trip in Angus. And my first road trip where I have been the driver (moving back from Florida doesn’t count). I am trying to look at things as a fun adventure but I have been so stressed with making sure we had someone to stay with Stella, worry about how Stella will be (she hasn’t been alone since we got her and since we just lost Essie I don’t want her to stress and think that she was getting dumped somewhere) figure out what I wanted to do once we got there, worrying about taking Angus (I am overly protective of my car), worrying about money and getting the time off…. oh and cleaning. Let’s not forget that. Some things are legit concerns but a lot of it is me making unnecessary drama for myself.

We will leave around 8am tomorrow. Maybe later depending on how together I am and what time I make it to bed. I want to do this before we go so that means getting up a little earlier. I plan to do my blog while we are gone (much like when we went to Oklahoma a few years ago) but it will have to be on my phone. I’m not lugging the laptop with us. I can get clothes packed before work today and I can get most of my sling backpack pulled together as well. I am so grateful I made lists earlier. I could not think of what to take right now.

I’ve gotten everything written out for our dog sitter. There is the Stella list and then the tv list. Using the tv can seem complicated at first because we access everything through one of the two gaming systems (did I mention I was married to a gamer? lol). And she wants to watch Ozark so I have just written it so that she gets right to her program. I think it is pretty straight forward. I have always been good with written directions so I am hoping that continues.

I honestly think we will have a good time. It’s just the process of getting there. So until tomorrow morning when the adventure will begin! Thank you for all the love and support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Has Anyone Seen Toto?

Another article for the paper done and dusted. It was a long meeting but a short article. I am grateful that they did a Zoom meeting otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten home until 10pm. It was an interesting meeting none the less.

Right now I feel a bit scattered. Strong winds have been blowing since yesterday morning. The rain has been pretty steady since yesterday afternoon. The wind is the big thing. Several places have lost power. I find that when it is windy I am either focused or way off. I am way off today. I got some sleep last night but not enough to catch up. And there is still so much that I need to do before we go! Once Chris gets up I will try to knock out some of the projects. There is going to be a mad rush of things tomorrow night. I have cleaning to do that will probably require me to shower after and I might as well get them all done at once. I will either do them all tonight when I get home or all tomorrow night when I get home. We have hard water so I try not to shower too often. If I get out early tonight (we will probably be dead and I am supposed to work til 8pm) I might consider doing it all tonight.

Stella is behind me dreaming of something. I think she is giving someone kisses. I am looking around trying not to see everything that “should” be done. I need to dig out the bag I am taking. It’s actually a sling backpack. It has one strap that goes across my body instead of two straps that go over my shoulders. That will be what I take with me to the event. Then I can have hands free if I do get anything. I’ll just pop it into my backpack. I think a smaller bag will have all my day-to-day stuff in it.

I am staring out the window watching the trees bend sideways with this wind. Funny thing is I picked up most of the fallen branches from the yard the other day. I wonder how many more there will be (as a gust of wind rattles the house). Since I am not really doing much writing (this small amount has taken much longer than necessary) I will wrap this up and get doing around the house. Thanks for reading and all the support! Stay safe!

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Last Minute Planning

Stella is asleep beside me on the love seat. We both feel better but I am exhausted. Five hours or less a night isn’t cutting it. I hope to get some sleep tonight. My meeting is available via Zoom and I am thinking I will take advantage of that.

The weather had turned yet again and made everyone crabby. It is cold and wet. It looks like it will be that way all week. Cincinnati won’t be much better.

I made several lists while I waited for the washer last night. One list was last minute stuff to do around the house as well as what needed to be done while we were gone. The other is what I needed to do for the trip. I felt a little better about things. I still have a lot to do though.

I still need to figure out what I am doing for this while we are gone. Photos will be taken with my phone but those same photos take up a lot of space which in turn means that any I try to share on here will require me to delete a lot of photos from my media. I want to bring as little as possible. The Nikon will just be in the way.

It looks like the wind has really picked up. I also see that I have rambled on a bit. I need to wrap this up and head to work. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!