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Pushing Ahead

I am sore this morning. I spent the first hour of work smashing my way through several inches of ice so that our gas could be delivered. Two of the caps were covered in ice. The driver helped try to chunk the ice away. When one of us got tired we’d switch. We had a good chat as well. And a very good workout as all of my body is aching.

The morning is grey and it is snowing. The wind must be up too. The snow is “falling” horizontally. A good day to hunker in. I am looking forward to my writing conference in April. It is only a one day conference so that will make it easier for me to attend. I keep thinking I need to prepay for my ticket but I never do for various reasons. It will be my second road trip on my own since I got the car. I just realized that our convention trip is the last weekend of March. The following weekend is my conference. Busy, busy, busy!

I am hoping to get some work on the novel before I have to head out today. Even if it is just a few character outlines. I really like the direction everything is flowing. I just need to develop various characters so that I can put them in the story and watch what they do. I have a general outline of the plot but that may change once the characters are developed and on their own. So we’ll see.

It was nice having the sun out. Everyone felt happier and people were nice to one another. Hopefully the nice continues without the sun. I think it will. Speaking of sun I probably need to water some of the plants again. The cucumber plants are taking off! I might need to find something to stake them to as they grow. I notice that the one plants has tendrils reaching out.

My mind is drifting so I supposed I’d better wrap this up. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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