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Who Turned the Alarm On?

This morning I write to you from my phone with a pup asleep in my lap. It’s not going to be very good. My eyes are blurry and my arms are cramping from holding the phone above Stella’s head while typing this. And she’s chasing something in her dreams. We are both tired.

I see by next week’s schedule that I am working 8 days straight. This should be fun.😳 I do have to say that the last two shifts have flown by though. The regulars have been very sweet. I even got a small ring from one of the kids that comes in. (We have one of those machines where you put in a quarter and get a toy in one of those small plastic things.). They live across the street and are in several times a day. They came in and they turned in some bottles and cans (we have a 10 cent bottle return here in Michigan). We were joking around about how much the rings were with. I told him that as cool as they were I couldn’t exchange them for money. We all laughed and the kids left. A few minutes later he came back with one of the rings and said it was for me. I now proudly have it on my pinky.

My second article went live yesterday. This one is on Shirley Jackson. Hopefully the link works.😁 I am pretty proud of both pieces I wrote. Which reminds me… I forgot to print a copy of this one up. Hopefully I’ll remember when I get home. I also got my invoice sent out to the paper.

I was dreaming about getting gardening supplies with Chris when my alarm went off. A lot of my dreams were about creating something from what I remember. I was rereading Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind before bed last night. I wanted to focus on my writing last night. Oh wow… I just realized I’ve cranked out five articles this month for two different venues. Three if you count the introduction guest post. Which would bump my article count to six for the month,😱

Pardon any typos… I fixed a few but I probably missed some too. I need to get this posted and get to work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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