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Working Toward Spring

I am very tired this morning despite sleep. I close tonight and then am opening manager tomorrow morning. On the plus side I will be able to put away my cigarette order instead of fixing what everyone else has done. I hope. The order may get delivered before I get there at 2pm. Either way I will have a leg up on it. I managed to get the order done before my rep. got there yesterday.

I got nothing done besides laundry and dishes yesterday. Stella and I watched tv. So after I get this posted I need to get the article for the paper written. Part of that is because I was so busy at work. I didn’t have any downtime. Once I got the basics done at home I was too tired to do much more.

I see that the sun is making it a point to stay out of the clouds today. I know having the sun out has made a difference to a lot of us. There are big puffy white clouds hanging out in the sky too. As long as they don’t add to the snow we got last night. It looks like we got several inches. Bah humbug.

I still need to get with my neighbor and give her the dog boots and dog coat. It’s Stella’s old coat since she fits into the big one Mom made for Essie and the boots I got for Essie. It is hard to give Essie’s stuff away. And they may not even use the boots. But. I did tell her she could have them. I guess she has the day off so I can either drop them before work or have her swing by work. I suppose I could have her come over too. I am just making up excuses really.

The cucumbers seem to be doing well but the lettuce and green onions look like they have stopped growing. It’s weird. I need to water plants today anyway. Maybe that will help. I make it a point to check on them every day. We have discussed various garden and greenhouse ideas the past week. I would really like to get a greenhouse set up for next winter. I also need to get those three raised beds cleaned up and probably fenced in. I think we have some chicken wire left. I don’t know how much but once this snow goes away I can start looking at that. The raised gardens would be my food stuffs and with all the critters that have made their way into the yard since we got the chain link fence up I need a way to keep them out.

Ok, I have procrastinated enough. I need to get the article written. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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