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Looking Around

I was going to write this on my phone but Stella has decided to stay out with me. That and my phone needed an update. I wanted that done before I left for work. I need to remember to get my order done once I get to work. I normally do it over the course of the week but I’ve not been there.

My first article went live yesterday. So I will share the link here. The second link goes live I believe today around 4pm. I’ll share that one tomorrow. I need to get in the game and post at the other site, Bother’s Campfire. But that will have to be either later today or tomorrow. When I get home today I hope to get the article written for the paper. (Last night’s meeting went over two hours. It was interesting until everyone kept repeating what had been said.) But the sooner I get that written the less time I will stress about it needing to be done. I did get some good work done on my novel. I have a basic map of the village for the novel. I printed up a bunch of photos from various submerged villages (I think just two, one in Spain and the other in Italy). From them I cobbled together a map. I am very pleased with it. That will make things easier as I write.

I hope that today goes smoothly. There is a lot to do both at work and at home (I only got dishes done… mostly… yesterday). It will keep me busy. I might even have some Girl Scout cookies waiting for me!

I keep thinking about the Ukraine and what it going on there. I have friends and acquaintances that have family there. I cannot imagine how they must feel. Then there is the other side… what must it feel like to have to be the one to fire the fire shot and actively declare war? Training is one thing. But this is the real deal. How will all this affect the rest of the world?

There is so much going on anymore, good and bad. Humans are tinkering with things better left alone. But you have never been able to tell humanity that. They just blunder forward in the name of progress. I will get off my soap box.

I didn’t get any new photos yesterday so it will be a repeat of some older ones. I will try to get some today after I get home. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

6 thoughts on “Looking Around”

  1. Hey Jen, pictures of the flowers are indeed lovely. ah yes the Ukraine is a nightmare, we now have to see how this all pans out.

    Congrats on your article.

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