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Blue Skies

The ice storm wasn’t as bad as predicted. And that is a good thing since Chris went to work yesterday. His drive in was ok but I’ve not heard how the drive home was. This morning has dawned with bright sunshine and occasional large gusts of wind. The bird feeder has been busy. I see that it is no longer just a bird feeder. There are now squirrels and bunnies that are eating here. While I don’t mind sharing, I do mind if they start to eat my gardens. So I am not sure how this growing season will go. My cucumbers are going like gangbusters in the window box! And my green pepper plant is growing a good-sized pepper as well as several more buds. I have soaked the left-over seeds from the dried peppers that Chris used in the chili the other day. I need to get those into a pot today.

I feel like I should be going to work today. It is weird. I will be doing my meeting tonight. I hope the Zoom works. I don’t want to drive all the way to Elk Rapids tonight. My night vision is not stellar. But we’ll see.

I got most of my to do list accomplished yesterday. First and foremost, the article got written and submitted. My editor seemed very pleased with it. I am not sure when it will go live. I am hoping to get a link to share. Which reminds me I need to share the link with the site I am guest posting on as well. is the link. (I’m not sure if the link will work when I post this but here’s to hoping.) I also need to write another post for them. I did my introduction post and then nothing. I will share links for both the other articles once I get them.

I also talked with Dad for a bit yesterday. It seems that I am the only one he talks to again. The family chat keeps moving around from platform to platform trying to find something that works with everyone. The current platform (Microsoft Teams) Dad is having issues with. They want way more information from him than is necessary. I had no problems getting it but Dad has to answer all these personal questions that has no bearing on whether or not he uses their product. So he refuses to use it. I wonder if it is a Canada thing (the weird questions etc) but I don’t know. He said that he is going to let the family know.

I let myself sleep in an hour this morning. Stella had no problems with that. She is currently dreaming (and sounding like Moose did). Lately I noticed that she has started doing little things like her brother and sister used to do, things she never did like that before. It messes with me sometimes (especially if I am writing) because I will hear or see something and expect either Moose or Essie, not Stella. I guess that means they are still hanging out once in a while to keep me out of trouble. ❤️🐾

I did get some photos this morning. I might add a few from the front yard since it is all blue sky. I just wish the snow was gone. And it was warm. And no tourists would be nice too. I don’t want much. 😉 I had better get this posted. I will try to have links for the other two articles tomorrow. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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