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The impending doom of the rath of the ice gods has been delayed. Again. Lately every time we get an impending storm it seems to be a day behind when it is “supposed” to be here. Is it stuck in traffic? Does it have other things to do before covering us in ice? I for one would like Chris stuck at home and not on the road or at work if this mess is going to hit. A positive to all this is that this week’s meeting is via Zoom as well as in person so if things are nasty I can stay home (providing we have internet… and electricity).

I did some self-maintenance yesterday before work. I got my hair cut. Trimmed really but it is (to me atleast) a lot shorter. I’d say it feels better but she put a bunch of product in to fluff things up (I have baby fine hair so even on a good day it can just hang there flat). And she over brushed my hair so that it was straight and flat. I thought that I would be ok with the product in my hair but I was wrong. I itch. Not bad but it has dried my scalp out. (Geez, I sound like a crabby baby as I reread this.) I am happy with the cut and I also replaced my shampoo and conditioner. They smell really good. I am looking forward to my shower later!

I have us stocked and ready to go if we lose power (if the ice amount is correct it is a real possibility). My Kindle is charged too. Part of me hopes we lose power just for the novelty of it. To show off my prep skills. I always liked stuff like this when I was a kid. I always saw it as an adventure. Like having to live in the rough (so to speak). I’d have my loved ones around me and all the things I loved so I felt safe.

Today is the day I finish and send in my article on Shirley Jackson. It has to be. So once I post this I will go through my email and then open up WordPerfect and get it going. I can’t spend anymore time researching. I think I know all I need to. I am still going to finish the books but I can’t right now. Things need to be written!

And on that note… Oh! The other day I binge watched all the original Ringu movies (The Ring). I have to say that I like the originals better. The “second” movie was actually a prequel and they did an amazing job of keeping everything consistent through all of the movies. Questions got answered and even a few questions I didn’t know I had got answered! I did watch the versions with subtitles. Dubbing never feels right for me. I will watch movies that are dubbed but I grew up with the original Godzilla and Ultraman movies so there was always the joke about the audio stops but the actor’s mouth is still moving.

Ok, I am stopping here. I hear a beautiful bird song from the feeder. I do believe that it is a cardinal. I need to get writing that article! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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