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Fair to Muddling

We are under a winter storm watch through Wednesday. I was going to try to get Stella a harness in Traverse later this week but it may have to wait. I have a meeting Wednesday night so hopefully the weather isn’t too bad.

Yesterday was a good time. The wind was ferocious though! At one point we were leaning at a severe angle to try to walk into the wind. Lunch was nice but pricey. I think they are jacking their prices up in Traverse again. It’s about that time of year. If the prices go up then the tourists will pay more etc etc. No consideration for the year-round residents. Sadly the bookstore was the same. We were both disappointed. For me the selection has gone downhill. This is why I end up ordering on Amazon. Then there are their mark ups. We both found books we wanted but didn’t want to shell out the $40 for. We go on Amazon and found said books for about half that. It’s ridiculous!

I worry that I am getting sick again. Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat. I noticed it and hoped that it was due to lack of sleep. Yesterday it seemed a bit worse and by the time we got home I just felt wiped out. We hadn’t done enough for me to feel like that. This morning the sore throat has spread. The body aches are way more noticeable as well.

I did get the habaneros repotted yesterday. They seem to be doing well. Everything got watered too. Things are so dry I am watering twice a week instead of the normal once a week. The bird feeder has been filled. With the possibility of storms I will make a point to keep an eye on the feeder level. Sadly no writing got done beyond my blog. My brain just feels wrapped in wooly cotton. I am embarrassed that I haven’t finished the Shirley Jackson piece. I have been pushing my way through both my research books. I may just have to bite the bullet and just write. I see that my laptop battery is almost tapped out. A good reason to wrap this up and get working on the article (I write my first draft long hand then put it into the laptop). Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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