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A Work In Progress

I am trying to convince myself that my tattoo will look better as it heals. It is not how I intended to get the piece. It is in black and white. I wanted color. He was trying to use as much of her ashes as he could. My hand looks like it is covered in a black leather glove. Essie’s paw looks good. I am just so upset but trying not to be. Once it heals I think I will ask him to lighten things up a bit. He was trying to contrast her paw in my hand so you could tell one from the other. I am trying so hard to be positive. I wanted this piece so badly…

Chris got me a beautiful handmade Celtic bracelet for our anniversary. I especially love the little details on the wolf’s head. And she is Pagan so that was an added bonus for me 🥰 The bracelet is a little heavy but you don’t notice it once you put it on. It just becomes part of you.

This was made by Metalweaver’s Creations

We are due for more storms tonight and tomorrow. But we were supposed to be all iced in yesterday and the roads were fine. They cancelled school for no reason as it turns out (that happens a lot). I close tonight but will be back at 6:30am tomorrow morning then our day off together. Mom wants to get together as well (I made it a point of saying that it was to be our anniversary time together). So we shall see what happens that day. I think we just might say no and take the time together. We need some of that. But I will ask Chris what he thinks before I say anything to Mom.

I am pleased with how the inside garden is coming along. Everything but the sweet basil has sprouted. I believe my cucumbers are also starting to bud. My green pepper plant from last year is also budding again and she has even grown another pepper for me. I need to empty out the pots with the dead plants. There are two… maybe three of them. I can then transplant some of the other plants into bigger pots. I might take care of that this morning. Then I can transplant at my leisure.

I ought to wrap this up. I need to see if I can crank out the article on Shirley Jackson. I still haven’t seen my other article posted yet so???? It is what it is. If they don’t post it I will share it on here. Stella is about to slide off the love seat onto the floor. Asleep. On her back. Goofball. Anywho thanks for reading and stay safe!

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