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Through the Looking Glass

I feel… not better but I can function better today. Mentally I am not feeling the best. I was bad enough at work that the store manager came in the office to tell me something and I all but burst into tears. He found someone to work my shift and sent me home. I was embarrassed but I had no control over my emotions. Things stayed bad for most of the day and even into the night.

I pulled out old movies that I had not watched in years. Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, followed by The Pagemaster with an all-star cast and rounded out by all the Miss Marple’s with Margret Rutherford, Murder She Said, Murder at the Gallop, Murder Most Foul and Murder Ahoy. Stella was very patient with me. I was a lump for pretty much the whole day.

I made myself a to do list for tomorrow. There is a lot that I have to do before my tattoo appointment. I think a 9am departure time might be what I need to do. I might bring my camera and go to some of the local parks and take some photos. I need a game plan with my photography. It has been a week or longer since I have picked up the Nikon. I haven’t touched my novel nor my article on Shirley Jackson. I promised that either this week or next. What I should do is get one of those desk calendars that I used to have.

Our anniversary is tomorrow. We are celebrating it on Sunday when we can both get the day off. I have no idea what to do on Sunday. We need to get out of the house. I will probably drive since Chris needs to get some work done on his truck. The less miles he has to put on it the better. I will think on it.

I need to get the plants watered before I go to work so I will wrap this up. Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone who has reached out. It means a lot. Stay safe.

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