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A Little Love

Last night I actually slept. And I slept hard! I ended up home early from work because of my back. While I was at work a caring regular brought me a homemade heating pad for my back as well as a small bottle of cbd oil. The oil has pain block in it. I had Chris but some in my back after I showered yesterday and it seemed to work. I did another dose just before bed and took one of my muscle relaxers as well. This morning I am a little sore but I don’t hurt.❤️

I didn’t waste my down time either. I pulled out my research books and read some in them. I also made some headway in the article. So I feel good about that. I hope I can get sick time for the hours I missed yesterday but if I don’t I don’t.

Stella has stayed out with me this morning. We are squished together on the love seat. Speaking of love… Happy Valentine’s Day! (We normally don’t celebrate it since our anniversary is only three days after.) Even if you too don’t celebrate I am sending you a virtual hug!❤️

The one thing I didn’t do yesterday (for several days now) is pick up my camera. So I will have to recycle my old photos again. I might pull it out this week while I go out and about. It is difficult because as much as I love my Nikon it is rather larger than my phone. I always seem to have my phone with me as well. But I can condense the size of my photos when I download them from my camera so they take up less space. I can’t do that with the photos off of my phone. So I can get several more (I’d say 5 or more) photos off my camera to upload on here versus one off of my phone onto my blog.

The clock is telling me I need to get moving. I can feel that Stella already is under the blanket. She is chasing something in her dreams. Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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