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A Brief Brief

This morning’s drive should be interesting. I can’t see anything but blowing snow out there. The laptop just put itself into low battery mode too. Do I stay out here or waste precious minutes plugging the laptop in? I will probably stay out here.

Yesterday I managed to get my article on Anne Rice written and submitted. It should be live this weekend. I will share the link when it does. I did do a bit more research on Shirley Jackson but I’ve not added any words to the article itself. Laundry and dishes got done. I also did a final wash on Essie’s food bowl and put it with her brothers’ bowls. And for the icing on my cake I managed to fall down the back porch steps. I landed on a combination of my back and my butt with some wrist action thrown in. I hurt but not as bad as I could be. We’ll see how the day goes. If the weather keeps up like this then there won’t be much traffic at the store. Soooo???

I didn’t get any photos taken either. I need to step up my game. I might try a few when I get home this afternoon. I need to do some work on my novel when I get home as well. It has been all about my various articles lately. I don’t think I’ve touched it since the month of February rolled over. Not a good thing.

I see that I have managed to cut it as close as I dare. I need to head out for work. I hope you all have a fab day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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