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Choose Your Own Adventure

Today… today started early. Not very but hopefully enough. I have a lot of writing projects that I want to do today. Anxiety is also kicking in. I have a lot to do and don’t have time for it but if I ignore it then when I finally can’t anymore it will completely paralyze me. So I am struggling to acknowledge it and work through it.

The morning has dawned dark and quiet. It looks like we got more snow overnight. Tracks from our vehicles and even from Stella going out were all but disappeared when we got up. I am over winter. I like that it makes me hunker in and get things done with my writing (not much else to do (but we all know that I can always find something that “needs” to be done lol) but that only lasts so long. I need to be outside more. I need more sunshine… more vitamin D.

I have been told to stop stressing over what I have no control over. And I can get behind that. But a lot of what I am stressing over right now are things that I do have control over. Things that I care about so much that I don’t want to mess up so I freeze up and do nothing.

A week from today I will have Essie’s tattoo. I am very excited about it. I have several places and people that want to see the finished piece. Our neighbor (it really is embarrassing how little I see my neighbors outside of my job) is looking for someone to finish various tattoos he has since the artist that started them is no longer available. He has seen most of my ink and when I mentioned Essie’s piece he was interested in seeing how it turned out. I also told the vet’s office about it when I picked up Essie’s ashes. There are several others but you get the idea.

I should write something for my guest blog but… I will work on my article first then see where I am at. I need to read more with my Shirley Jackson and I think that will go faster once I get the Anne Rice article completed. So I think I will wrap this up and get going on that. I appreciate all the questions and comments! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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