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The Little Writer That Might Be Able to (If She Got Out of Her Own Head)

I’m not gonna lie. As excited as I am for everything that is going on and all the support I am getting I am starting to feel overwhelmed. There is sooo much I have going on! I know I can do it all in a timely fashion but there is just so much so fast. I don’t have any meetings this week so I can focus on my other writing projects. I need to get one of my articles done this week. I haven’t been told that but they publish the articles as they come in and this week they are running a bit slim. I am hoping that a deadline will help me get writing. I am “researching” on both my writers (I finally got my Shirley Jackson books yesterday) but I need to atleast be writing as I go.

I am getting a lot of support from everyone as well. Family and friends are encouraging. Even strangers who don’t know me but have read my work. But my mind turns it against me saying that all these people will be disappointed (or worse yet deep inside they will be thinking, “I knew she couldn’t do it.”). My son sent me a photo of the sonagram of my grandbaby (it feels so weird to say that) yesterday. We got to chatting for a bit and I mentioned everything that I had going on (I am very proud of myself… but my follow through😲) and he encouraged me asking if I would forward the articles when they get published since both he and his wife like horror. I will admit to shock and then a little bit of tears in my eyes (that happens when you don’t dust, it gets in your eyes 😉).

I still have a little time before I need to go to work so my goal is to write my introduction piece for my guest blog and get that sent out and get a few more paragraphs on my Anne Rice article written. If I have a little time I will read further in one of the Shirley Jackson books. Laundry is on its last go through in the dryer and I should water my plants but… will I have enough time for all of it? What will get lost in the shuffle? I need to not ponder these things but just get on with what needs to be done and follow through. Strong words for a high class procrastinator but we’ll see what happens. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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