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The Serious Writer (?)

I find myself looking to push my writing in new directions this morning. To expand what I am doing here as well as off of here. I am bouncing back and forth between the two articles (I keep wanting to call them essays because that is really what they are) and I have come up with an idea for my April Fool’s article for the paper. I want to keep going on my novel but since I picked up the two essays that has been put on a back burner. I have a deadline for the essays but not the novel.

But there is a voice in my head cautioning me not to do too much. If I get myself stressed over it all then my brain will lock up and no amount of persuasion will get my muse to poke her head out. I am trying to do a little bit on everything each day. I really should just focus on one essay at a time but if I get stuck on one then I hop over to the other. Which is good but I worry that I should stick with the problem and try to work through it instead of bouncing to the other. Another question in my head is…. well let me give you the basic point of the essays. It is Women in Horror Month and I am writing articles on both Shirley Jackson and Anne Rice. The goal is to… explain why they are such influences on other writers. So my question is do I just focus on their writing or bring in their personal life? I have been bringing in their personal lives because it has had a direct effect on their writing. My problem is that I get so angry when I read about Shirley Jackson and what she went through her whole life. But the flip side is would her writing have been the same if she hadn’t been abused like that? She even asks that in one of her essays. Anne Rice overcame so much in her life that could very well have destroyed her. Shirley survived but at what cost? See? That is another problem I have. I am mixing the two in my head comparing them. I need to keep them separate. Another vote to write one then the other.

Aside from my writing Chris and I spent a nice day together. We went to brunch at Pearl’s (a Cajun restaurant in Elk Rapids) and then came home to chill for the afternoon. Stella got lots of playtime between the two of us. So it was a win/win. It would’ve been nice to be out of the house for longer but neither of us could think of any place we really wanted to go. Once things warm up it will be easier to get out of the house. We can just take the bikes out for a ride and be content to barbeque outside when we get home. Right now it is cold and there is snow and neither of us really wants to do anything. Which is why I am clinging to my writing. (Another concern is that I won’t have as much time once it warms up because there will be so much else to do. Yes I am over thinking everything this morning.)

I need to talk to both of my parents today. I also have to make sure I am in bed early. I am manager/gas tomorrow morning. I might wait and only talk to one or the other. Our conversations tend to be hours long. Next week is my busy week. I have two meetings, our anniversary and I am getting Essie’s tattoo. I am going to give my post it note of days off to my manager tomorrow. That way I am covered. I essentially need two full days off with all that. I will probably work both jobs two days.

I need to wrap this up as I have been going on for a bit. Thanks for helping me work through some stuff. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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