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Keeping the Flame

It is too early. I am too tired. I am typing this on my phone because I am too tired to pull out my laptop and mouse. Stella and I are on the loveseat together. All our faucets are dripping because of the temperatures here. Stella is more interested in getting me to love on her than allowing me to type this on my phone.

Tomorrow at this time I should be headed out the door for work. I need to remember that. I am manager so I have to be there early to get everything done before we open. Stella has take to making little moaning sounds when she gets scratched like Essie would do. I think Stella may have finally fallen asleep.

I forgot how much effort doing both jobs in one day can take. I have been very run down of late. I try to get to sleep early and my brain just keeps on thinking. My little tricks to quiet it down don’t work anymore. I try to do various forms of math. That seemed to help focus and quiet my mind. Now I am adding (or subtracting or multiplying or…) vast sums. It gets to be very frustrating. I tried the being in the moment. Nope. I look at the clock and see that the moment has lasted an hour and I am still awake.

I did get some photos taken before I left for Elk Rapids last night. I have just enough time to add a few to the posts before I have to leave. I hope you have an amazing day! Thank you for reading and commenting! I love to hear from my readers❤️Stay safe!

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