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And the Role of the White Rabbit Goes to….

I am really running late this morning. I only have about 15 minutes to get this done before I need to get myself together before work. We went to bed at our normal time but… There it is.

I got a lot accomplished yesterday including a lot of writing. As I suspected at the end of yesterday’s blog I am doing an essay on Anne Rice now as well. I messaged my editor and asked if anyone had asked to do her. I guess no one even mentioned her. Since she is one of my “mentors” (I am always rereading her work to learn from it as well as the two non fiction books I have about her) I asked if I could. I was given the thumbs up. I got started on both essays. My editor from the paper also sent out an email reminding us that we needed to start thinking about our April Fool’s articles. Chris did dishes so I was able to clean the mouse cage. I also got laundry done and put away, dishes put away, and the bedding washed. On the gardening front I got all those little seedlings planted. I checked on them this morning and everyone seems to be doing fine.

Nuts, hang on…. Ok I got it done. I remembered that I needed to make my car payment as well as get my research books for the essays (I know a little about Shirley Jackson but not like I do Anne Rice so I get two books that were recommended to me about Shirley). Gah, I hate starting my day like this! I just left the bedroom door open. Stella might as well go back to bed with Chris for as little time as I would’ve spent with her.

Ok, the clock says to get this posted and get myself moving. Sorry about no pics today. I’ll try to do some… oof. I think I work at 7am tomorrow. Well I might recycle some of my faves then. Honestly, some weeks… Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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