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Dreaming of Spring

I wish Spring and Summer would get here. I am weary of the cold and having to stay shut up in the house. Stella doesn’t want to be outside either. Today is the last day of February. March sounds closer to Spring. I want to get puttering around in the gardens again. I’m pretty sure I can get some help this year from a few friends at work. I thought that we could make it a collective garden where we all share in the work and the food we grow. I will ask around over the next few weeks.

Stella has finally gotten up. I’ve been up about an hour already. I had hoped to get right into this and then my novel. But my mind seems to be everywhere but this morning. I can’t find anything that I want to focus on. Maybe I will bring out the sketch book and colored pencils. I haven’t picked up the Nikon in almost a week. It’s the same old dreary snow scenes out there. I’m tired of looking at it.

My orchid is looking sad. The bloom did not last very long this time. I don’t think it is getting enough attention. So I guess I need to step up my game. The rest of the plants are doing well. I am thinking I will have to get several new big pots this Spring for a few plants. That being said I have to make sure that it’s not all big pots come Fall. Not only will it be a pain to bring them all in but there will be no space for them in the house. If we get the greenhouse built that might be an option.

Sunday is Mom’s birthday. We still have no idea where we want to go. Our usual picks don’t open until 4pm or later and we both want to be home by that time. Firefly has gone up in prices for not much food. I might suggest Mackinaw Brewing Company. The food is good there and you get what you pay for. I’ll have to chat with her before then to figure things out. She might even bail at the last minute and have me just come out to the house. Which would be fine but I would like to get her out of the house for a bit.

Stella is in a tiny ball beneath her blanket behind me. Trying to sleep. She feels restless too. I just took a few photos to share. I couldn’t face outside so I took photos of some of my plants. And Stella. She wasn’t amused but she did lay her head back down so I could get my shot. On that note I will wrap this up. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Pushing Ahead

I am sore this morning. I spent the first hour of work smashing my way through several inches of ice so that our gas could be delivered. Two of the caps were covered in ice. The driver helped try to chunk the ice away. When one of us got tired we’d switch. We had a good chat as well. And a very good workout as all of my body is aching.

The morning is grey and it is snowing. The wind must be up too. The snow is “falling” horizontally. A good day to hunker in. I am looking forward to my writing conference in April. It is only a one day conference so that will make it easier for me to attend. I keep thinking I need to prepay for my ticket but I never do for various reasons. It will be my second road trip on my own since I got the car. I just realized that our convention trip is the last weekend of March. The following weekend is my conference. Busy, busy, busy!

I am hoping to get some work on the novel before I have to head out today. Even if it is just a few character outlines. I really like the direction everything is flowing. I just need to develop various characters so that I can put them in the story and watch what they do. I have a general outline of the plot but that may change once the characters are developed and on their own. So we’ll see.

It was nice having the sun out. Everyone felt happier and people were nice to one another. Hopefully the nice continues without the sun. I think it will. Speaking of sun I probably need to water some of the plants again. The cucumber plants are taking off! I might need to find something to stake them to as they grow. I notice that the one plants has tendrils reaching out.

My mind is drifting so I supposed I’d better wrap this up. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Who Turned the Alarm On?

This morning I write to you from my phone with a pup asleep in my lap. It’s not going to be very good. My eyes are blurry and my arms are cramping from holding the phone above Stella’s head while typing this. And she’s chasing something in her dreams. We are both tired.

I see by next week’s schedule that I am working 8 days straight. This should be fun.😳 I do have to say that the last two shifts have flown by though. The regulars have been very sweet. I even got a small ring from one of the kids that comes in. (We have one of those machines where you put in a quarter and get a toy in one of those small plastic things.). They live across the street and are in several times a day. They came in and they turned in some bottles and cans (we have a 10 cent bottle return here in Michigan). We were joking around about how much the rings were with. I told him that as cool as they were I couldn’t exchange them for money. We all laughed and the kids left. A few minutes later he came back with one of the rings and said it was for me. I now proudly have it on my pinky.

My second article went live yesterday. This one is on Shirley Jackson. Hopefully the link works.😁 I am pretty proud of both pieces I wrote. Which reminds me… I forgot to print a copy of this one up. Hopefully I’ll remember when I get home. I also got my invoice sent out to the paper.

I was dreaming about getting gardening supplies with Chris when my alarm went off. A lot of my dreams were about creating something from what I remember. I was rereading Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind before bed last night. I wanted to focus on my writing last night. Oh wow… I just realized I’ve cranked out five articles this month for two different venues. Three if you count the introduction guest post. Which would bump my article count to six for the month,😱

Pardon any typos… I fixed a few but I probably missed some too. I need to get this posted and get to work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Working Toward Spring

I am very tired this morning despite sleep. I close tonight and then am opening manager tomorrow morning. On the plus side I will be able to put away my cigarette order instead of fixing what everyone else has done. I hope. The order may get delivered before I get there at 2pm. Either way I will have a leg up on it. I managed to get the order done before my rep. got there yesterday.

I got nothing done besides laundry and dishes yesterday. Stella and I watched tv. So after I get this posted I need to get the article for the paper written. Part of that is because I was so busy at work. I didn’t have any downtime. Once I got the basics done at home I was too tired to do much more.

I see that the sun is making it a point to stay out of the clouds today. I know having the sun out has made a difference to a lot of us. There are big puffy white clouds hanging out in the sky too. As long as they don’t add to the snow we got last night. It looks like we got several inches. Bah humbug.

I still need to get with my neighbor and give her the dog boots and dog coat. It’s Stella’s old coat since she fits into the big one Mom made for Essie and the boots I got for Essie. It is hard to give Essie’s stuff away. And they may not even use the boots. But. I did tell her she could have them. I guess she has the day off so I can either drop them before work or have her swing by work. I suppose I could have her come over too. I am just making up excuses really.

The cucumbers seem to be doing well but the lettuce and green onions look like they have stopped growing. It’s weird. I need to water plants today anyway. Maybe that will help. I make it a point to check on them every day. We have discussed various garden and greenhouse ideas the past week. I would really like to get a greenhouse set up for next winter. I also need to get those three raised beds cleaned up and probably fenced in. I think we have some chicken wire left. I don’t know how much but once this snow goes away I can start looking at that. The raised gardens would be my food stuffs and with all the critters that have made their way into the yard since we got the chain link fence up I need a way to keep them out.

Ok, I have procrastinated enough. I need to get the article written. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Looking Around

I was going to write this on my phone but Stella has decided to stay out with me. That and my phone needed an update. I wanted that done before I left for work. I need to remember to get my order done once I get to work. I normally do it over the course of the week but I’ve not been there.

My first article went live yesterday. So I will share the link here. The second link goes live I believe today around 4pm. I’ll share that one tomorrow. I need to get in the game and post at the other site, Bother’s Campfire. But that will have to be either later today or tomorrow. When I get home today I hope to get the article written for the paper. (Last night’s meeting went over two hours. It was interesting until everyone kept repeating what had been said.) But the sooner I get that written the less time I will stress about it needing to be done. I did get some good work done on my novel. I have a basic map of the village for the novel. I printed up a bunch of photos from various submerged villages (I think just two, one in Spain and the other in Italy). From them I cobbled together a map. I am very pleased with it. That will make things easier as I write.

I hope that today goes smoothly. There is a lot to do both at work and at home (I only got dishes done… mostly… yesterday). It will keep me busy. I might even have some Girl Scout cookies waiting for me!

I keep thinking about the Ukraine and what it going on there. I have friends and acquaintances that have family there. I cannot imagine how they must feel. Then there is the other side… what must it feel like to have to be the one to fire the fire shot and actively declare war? Training is one thing. But this is the real deal. How will all this affect the rest of the world?

There is so much going on anymore, good and bad. Humans are tinkering with things better left alone. But you have never been able to tell humanity that. They just blunder forward in the name of progress. I will get off my soap box.

I didn’t get any new photos yesterday so it will be a repeat of some older ones. I will try to get some today after I get home. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Blue Skies

The ice storm wasn’t as bad as predicted. And that is a good thing since Chris went to work yesterday. His drive in was ok but I’ve not heard how the drive home was. This morning has dawned with bright sunshine and occasional large gusts of wind. The bird feeder has been busy. I see that it is no longer just a bird feeder. There are now squirrels and bunnies that are eating here. While I don’t mind sharing, I do mind if they start to eat my gardens. So I am not sure how this growing season will go. My cucumbers are going like gangbusters in the window box! And my green pepper plant is growing a good-sized pepper as well as several more buds. I have soaked the left-over seeds from the dried peppers that Chris used in the chili the other day. I need to get those into a pot today.

I feel like I should be going to work today. It is weird. I will be doing my meeting tonight. I hope the Zoom works. I don’t want to drive all the way to Elk Rapids tonight. My night vision is not stellar. But we’ll see.

I got most of my to do list accomplished yesterday. First and foremost, the article got written and submitted. My editor seemed very pleased with it. I am not sure when it will go live. I am hoping to get a link to share. Which reminds me I need to share the link with the site I am guest posting on as well. is the link. (I’m not sure if the link will work when I post this but here’s to hoping.) I also need to write another post for them. I did my introduction post and then nothing. I will share links for both the other articles once I get them.

I also talked with Dad for a bit yesterday. It seems that I am the only one he talks to again. The family chat keeps moving around from platform to platform trying to find something that works with everyone. The current platform (Microsoft Teams) Dad is having issues with. They want way more information from him than is necessary. I had no problems getting it but Dad has to answer all these personal questions that has no bearing on whether or not he uses their product. So he refuses to use it. I wonder if it is a Canada thing (the weird questions etc) but I don’t know. He said that he is going to let the family know.

I let myself sleep in an hour this morning. Stella had no problems with that. She is currently dreaming (and sounding like Moose did). Lately I noticed that she has started doing little things like her brother and sister used to do, things she never did like that before. It messes with me sometimes (especially if I am writing) because I will hear or see something and expect either Moose or Essie, not Stella. I guess that means they are still hanging out once in a while to keep me out of trouble. ❤️🐾

I did get some photos this morning. I might add a few from the front yard since it is all blue sky. I just wish the snow was gone. And it was warm. And no tourists would be nice too. I don’t want much. 😉 I had better get this posted. I will try to have links for the other two articles tomorrow. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The impending doom of the rath of the ice gods has been delayed. Again. Lately every time we get an impending storm it seems to be a day behind when it is “supposed” to be here. Is it stuck in traffic? Does it have other things to do before covering us in ice? I for one would like Chris stuck at home and not on the road or at work if this mess is going to hit. A positive to all this is that this week’s meeting is via Zoom as well as in person so if things are nasty I can stay home (providing we have internet… and electricity).

I did some self-maintenance yesterday before work. I got my hair cut. Trimmed really but it is (to me atleast) a lot shorter. I’d say it feels better but she put a bunch of product in to fluff things up (I have baby fine hair so even on a good day it can just hang there flat). And she over brushed my hair so that it was straight and flat. I thought that I would be ok with the product in my hair but I was wrong. I itch. Not bad but it has dried my scalp out. (Geez, I sound like a crabby baby as I reread this.) I am happy with the cut and I also replaced my shampoo and conditioner. They smell really good. I am looking forward to my shower later!

I have us stocked and ready to go if we lose power (if the ice amount is correct it is a real possibility). My Kindle is charged too. Part of me hopes we lose power just for the novelty of it. To show off my prep skills. I always liked stuff like this when I was a kid. I always saw it as an adventure. Like having to live in the rough (so to speak). I’d have my loved ones around me and all the things I loved so I felt safe.

Today is the day I finish and send in my article on Shirley Jackson. It has to be. So once I post this I will go through my email and then open up WordPerfect and get it going. I can’t spend anymore time researching. I think I know all I need to. I am still going to finish the books but I can’t right now. Things need to be written!

And on that note… Oh! The other day I binge watched all the original Ringu movies (The Ring). I have to say that I like the originals better. The “second” movie was actually a prequel and they did an amazing job of keeping everything consistent through all of the movies. Questions got answered and even a few questions I didn’t know I had got answered! I did watch the versions with subtitles. Dubbing never feels right for me. I will watch movies that are dubbed but I grew up with the original Godzilla and Ultraman movies so there was always the joke about the audio stops but the actor’s mouth is still moving.

Ok, I am stopping here. I hear a beautiful bird song from the feeder. I do believe that it is a cardinal. I need to get writing that article! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Fair to Muddling

We are under a winter storm watch through Wednesday. I was going to try to get Stella a harness in Traverse later this week but it may have to wait. I have a meeting Wednesday night so hopefully the weather isn’t too bad.

Yesterday was a good time. The wind was ferocious though! At one point we were leaning at a severe angle to try to walk into the wind. Lunch was nice but pricey. I think they are jacking their prices up in Traverse again. It’s about that time of year. If the prices go up then the tourists will pay more etc etc. No consideration for the year-round residents. Sadly the bookstore was the same. We were both disappointed. For me the selection has gone downhill. This is why I end up ordering on Amazon. Then there are their mark ups. We both found books we wanted but didn’t want to shell out the $40 for. We go on Amazon and found said books for about half that. It’s ridiculous!

I worry that I am getting sick again. Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat. I noticed it and hoped that it was due to lack of sleep. Yesterday it seemed a bit worse and by the time we got home I just felt wiped out. We hadn’t done enough for me to feel like that. This morning the sore throat has spread. The body aches are way more noticeable as well.

I did get the habaneros repotted yesterday. They seem to be doing well. Everything got watered too. Things are so dry I am watering twice a week instead of the normal once a week. The bird feeder has been filled. With the possibility of storms I will make a point to keep an eye on the feeder level. Sadly no writing got done beyond my blog. My brain just feels wrapped in wooly cotton. I am embarrassed that I haven’t finished the Shirley Jackson piece. I have been pushing my way through both my research books. I may just have to bite the bullet and just write. I see that my laptop battery is almost tapped out. A good reason to wrap this up and get working on the article (I write my first draft long hand then put it into the laptop). Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Little Glimpse of Sunshine

I was able to take more time this morning and read more of your blogs. I find it so interesting to read about everyone! Music, life, writing, surfing (on water), tarot, food, photography, poetry… so much to read and enjoy! I have always enjoyed learning about people and places and there is such diversity on here! I am grateful everyone has chosen to share their lives and loves.

Stella is asleep beneath a blanket behind me. I don’t feel well rested although I am. Today we are planning to head to Traverse for lunch and then hit the local bookstore and give them some financial support. It might be just coffee and a magazine but we always enjoy going there for a few hours. I remember when they were just a tiny tiny place you had a hard time walking in. That was one of the first places Mom took me to when I came up here to visit the first time… 32 years ago? Somewhere around there. I loved it then and I love it now. I have many memories (and books) from that store. it came close to shutting down because the owners wanted to retire. But there was such an outcry because Horizon Books had become such a staple to so many lives up here it is still open but under new owners.

There is much that I want to do today but I am going to try to take it easy. Yesterday was a good day at work. I got lots of hugs and folks saying it was good to see me smiling and happy again. I over did things with my back on Friday but I think my case of the grumpies have passed. I hope. When I get like that all I can do is ride it out and hope for the best. But my penguin came in and brought me three stones to cheer me up. (I call him my penguin because penguins brings rocks to the individual they are trying to impress and since I am a rockhound he is always trying to impress me with what he finds on his wanderings through the woods and along the water.)

The wind is really picking up. Surprisingly the birds are quite vocal out at the bird feeder. I believe it is a group of woodpeckers by the sounds. I should check the feeder when I am done with this. It has been a bitter cold two days since I last filled the feeder. I can hear the blue jays moving in now. The temperature is supposed to get in the 40s today so with the wind that will get rid of a lot of the snow. Just so we can get more it seems.

I should probably wrap this up so that I can get things started around here. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Cold, Cold, Windy

This morning is cold and windy. Even with the wind some places have probably a foot of snow. Driving home last night took me about 20 minutes because it was snowing so hard.

I don’t know how busy we will be. Not very this morning but later today??? Everyone was stocking up last night so we might be dead. I just need to make it until 2pm. I do see a lot of traffic for some reason. 3 cars in the past 15 minutes. It’s 5:30 am on a Saturday. 🤔

It is definitely a sleep in day. I got good sleep but not very much of it. I am hoping to continue tonight. Maybe a few nights of solid sleep will help.

I seem to be babbling. I need to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!