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Pooh Sticks

Little miss is tucked in a mound of blankets asleep. I feel as though I have gotten no sleep over the past few days. I woke up several times just soaked in sweat. Then there was the time around 3:20am I woke up and could not fall back asleep for atleast an hour (I quit looking at the clock not long after 4am rolled around). I did a lot of tossing and turning. I did random thinks to try to get my brain to fall back asleep and that made for interesting dreams. I was learning how to sketch in one.

When I finally haul myself out of bed it was snowing big fat flakes. Any animal (or human) tracks outside have been obliterated. It has been snowing ever since we got up. My phone has just notified me that the snow will start soon. 🙄 I may haul the camera out and take a few photos of the stuff piling up outside.

Laundry is going in the washer. It should be done soon. That will give everything time to dry before work. My mind is drifting all over the place. It’s rather like a game of Pooh sticks where you drop your stick on one side of the bridge (or in my case a thought) and see which comes out first on the other side. Or if it comes out. It could turn out to be Eeyore who has just fallen in and is swirling around on his back hoping someone will help him out.

I just want Spring to get here so we can start going outside again. Although Essie was always the one to go out with me to keep an eye on me. A lot of the time Stella would just stay in the house. I just want to be outside working in the gardens again.

It sounds as though the final spin on the washer has stopped so I had better wrap this up. Sorry for all the weird randomness. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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