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The morning dawned with a yellow cast to it. What blue sky was visible was an iron blue, deep and hard. Now all has turned to a soft grey and snow is falling. Our neighbor was kind enough to plow yesterday while Stella (I almost wrote Essie) and I were out and about. Stella stayed in the backseat for most of the ride. She has never done this since Moose has been gone (they would push each other out of the front passenger seat). The only time she came into the front seat was when I stopped at work. All in all her ride was about an hour so atleast she got out of the house for a bit.

My tattoo is scheduled for February 17th at 11am. I figure if I am first in the door he will be fresh for the day. It will only be $150 for the piece. I expected atleast $200. So that was a nice surprise. I just need to find a small container to bring Essie’s ashes in once I get them. He won’t use much but atleast she will still be with me.

For as much room as Stella can take up right now she is in the tiny ball behind me. She’s not much bigger than a basketball. I covered her up but I guess not enough. She nibbled the blanket for a little bit then started to pull it over her head. Goof.

The skies are turning to a darker grey. The snow is light. I didn’t get much done yesterday around here. Dishes washed but they still need to be put away. Laundry washed but they still need to go into the dryer. I forgot to water my plants. I did talk to Dad for a little bit. Thankfully he kept falling asleep so I convinced him to hang up and go to bed. Stella cuddled the whole time I was talking to Dad. I threw the ball occasionally but she would always come back and get on the loveseat with me.

I should wrap this up and make an effort to do a few things around here while it is quiet. hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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