A Little At A Time

A late post. I tried to get up earlier since I had to write my article but nope. Even Stella stayed in bed longer than normal this morning. We got more snow over the course of the day and night. It wasn’t too bad to drive in but by the time I got home it had started snowing in earnest. So I was glad I wasn’t out in it.

Despite me letting her out before I left and telling her I was just going to cover a meeting I still came home to a pee spot on the rug. So it seems she is back to this again. I am going to take her with to go get my pricing for my memorial tattoo for Essie this morning. Then we will go for a little drive around. Maybe that will help. I know it is acting out because Essie is gone. I’m not angry angry with her. But I hope that it doesn’t go on for very long. But with mourning who can tell.

I have so many little things that need to get done around here. Do I do them? Do I work on my writing? I feel like a fraud sometimes because everyone is so impressed that I write every day. But it is usually just one thing that I work on (this). It’s not like I do a bunch of different things. I try to but it never seems to work out that way. I don’t know if I should try calling Dad or not. It has been several weeks since we talked. If he is doing the “woe is me” thing I might not be able to. I got my own “woe is me” going on here.

Stella is being overly busy. She just came in here to get a bunch of love. Now she is pacing the living room. And now back in here. I guess that means I need to wrap this up. By the time I get photos and that on here it should be about time to go. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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