Alone At Last!

I am grateful that Chris plowed the drive Sunday. It is starting to pile up again but it is navigable where he plowed. I looked out the front door and the snow is almost to the top of the porch. I should probably check the bird feeder today as well.

I got home to pee on the carpet last night. That I was willing to forgive as it is the first time she has been by herself since Essie died. What I could NOT forgive was that she dug through Moose’s folded blanket to get to Essie’s frisbee and ate half of the frisbee. She got in a lot of trouble for that one.

I got in touch with my tattoo guy and I am going in tomorrow to talk to him about specifics with the tattoo. He is willing to put some of Essie’s ashes in the ink so I am very excited about the whole thing. I hope it won’t cost too much but we will see.

I had a coworker tell me that she had just been diagnosed with stage 3 sciroccos of the liver. She is scared to death. Then another coworker is trying to get her daughter to come up and stay for awhile for her own health. Her daughter got COVID and it has scarred her lungs badly. Her doctors want her to get out of the city for a bit so her lungs can heal otherwise the smog that will inevitably occur this Spring and Summer could kill her. But her daughter is being stubborn. So we were the closing crew last night and cried several times together. The coworker that was diagnosed with the liver issues wants to tell her family but doesn’t want them to worry. We told her to tell them some but not all of her diagnosis. If she wants to share more later she can. I told her she was going to come with me and get “less is more” tattooed on her arm so she would remember. We laughed. But she might do it. She talked about ways to embellish the wording. We’ll see.

So far the general consensus is that 2022 sucks. We aren’t even through the first month and we have lost loved ones, major health issues, accidents…. Yeah, no one is a fan. I am hoping that the body aches will go away as the day progresses. I don’t think my body realizes that I have the day off. Mostly. I just checked my phone to see if the meeting got cancelled. Still on. Depending on the weather I will leave about 35 minutes before the meeting. Maybe 40. I want to make sure that if their roads out that way are bad I have enough time to slow down.

I will wrap this up and get to…. whatever I’m going to get to. Maybe some work on my novel. There is a lot that I need to work on. I also need to check my seeds and see how they are doing. This also means I need to clean out the long window box so they have somewhere to grow bigger. I did clean up a few of my plants before work yesterday. Maybe I will keep going with the gardening theme. Anyways… thanks for reading and especially thank you to all of you that have reached out with your personal stories and love. I really appreciate it. Stay safe!

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