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Was That Sleep That Just Went By?

Today the sun is out and I could care less. Stella is enjoying laying in a sunbeam though. Essie is laying in front of the bedroom door. Momma has been trying to sleep (with dubious success) both on the couch and on the love seat. Essie woke everyone with her heavy panting around 5 or 5:30am. I got up and she drank a lot of water and then went outside. We all went back to bed. About an hour later she starts panting again so I get up and gather my stuff to go sleep on the couch with her (the bedroom can get too warm some nights so I thought maybe sleeping in the cooler living room would help her). We went into the living room and she got her big drink of water before going out. Once she was in we settled on the couch and I tried to sleep. Just as I was dozing off out comes Stella. She wants up on the couch with us. At this point all I want is some sleep. I get my pillow and such and head to the love seat. She looks at me with a hurt look because she wanted to be up there with me. Reluctantly she gets up on the couch and curls up. Unfortunately Essie wanted to be next to me too so after about an hour she goes back to bed in the bedroom. Frustrated I pull the blanket over my head on the love seat. I refused to go back on to the couch. In the end both girls were asleep on the couch when I cracked an eye open around 9:30am or so.

My left shoulder seems to be mostly functional again. I couldn’t do anything without intense pain for the first 15 or so minutes after I got up. My neck is also stiff but workable. The rest of my just wants to go back to bed. And I would but I don’t want to waste my day off. I have things that I want to do. Fortunately there isn’t much in the way of typing after this. My fingers do NOT want to cooperate this morning. I am hoping to connect with both my parents today. Dad wants me to get on the family chat with them tonight. I have no idea what they are using for it (it was Skype then Zoom for one or two and now???). And I don’t know that I am up to a family chat. But Uncle Ron will probably need some support today as it is his “wife’s” birthday. (They never legally married but they were in our eyes.) We lost her three years ago now? It was right around Thanksgiving that year. So I might join the call.

I should wrap this up and get it posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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