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Life Update

There was no good way to start this morning. I could get sleep and rush around in the morning to get this and my article written or I could get up and hour earlier and take my time. I desperately need the sleep so you can guess what I did.

I got a call from the vet not long after I punched in yesterday. By the time I hung up I had tears streaming down my face. It boils down to this. There is no easy way to determine if the mass on her liver is cancerous or not. What the vet is afraid of is that it is cancer and that is has spread to her stomach. (Remember that Essie had a lump that was cancer removed a few years ago.) So our “Hail Mary” is going to be giving her steroids to see if that helps things. If she continues to get sick to her stomach then I get to make the call.

I did my best not to snap at people last night at work but I was not entirely successful. Oh and apparently a coworker came in sick with the flu and now that is going around the store. Several people have gone home and called in over the past few days. With my lack of sleep and stress levels I am really hoping not to get sick. And I really don’t want Chris sick either.

Aaaaaand I have to get out the door. Oh, one bright spot. I cheered myself by spending a small amount of money (about $15) and got 100 business cards printed. They have my name and “Freelance Writer” below it. Ok, gotta go. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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