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Looking Towards Spring

While it isn’t exactly Snowmagedden here it has been steady cold and snow since the wee hours last night. We got a few inches and Mother Nature is giving us more off and on. It amazes me that all of the meteorologists have jobs anymore. And I wouldn’t be so critical if they didn’t make such a fuss about how accurate (almost down to the minute claim some) they can be. All that snow (up to a foot (30 cm) they said) never arrived (honestly we only got maybe two inches (5 cm)) and it was all supposed to be done by 7am. The Weather Channel App would post a Storm Watch but when you looked at the hourly there would be no snowfall to happen.

I did a little thing to all (well most) of my plants yesterday. I had forgotten that I had some of those plant food sticks so I went around and watered everyone and then put in the food sticks. I do have to say that everyone looks a lot happier. Some of those leaves that were all but ready to fall off have not only perked up but have filled right out. I do need to put ice cubes in my orchid. I forgot yesterday with everything that went on. I need to be quiet because the freezer drawer can be a bit loud and Chris is still asleep. But hang on…

Ok, my orchid is watered. Essie keeps going in and out of the bedroom. She will spend time out here with me but if I continue to write for too long then she goes back to bed with Stella and Chris. I also refreshed my coffee. 😁

Since I have the day off I am hoping to keep working on my writing. I didn’t really get much done yesterday before work. But I was able to get a few notes down before I left. I really should talk to my parents but I also need a day to myself. I do want to send them the video of the girls in their new boots. It was ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL!!! The video is 8 minutes and apparently too long to post anywhere (or send to anyone) so that is another thing that I want to do. Sooooo that might be next after I get this posted.

I filled the birdfeeder with the last of the seed. I had just enough to top it up. It is mostly tiny sparrows that have collected there today. They are very comfortable with the dogs and myself. I make it a point to talk to them and tell them what I am doing. They will fly to a branch just beside me so I can get to the feeder and fill it. But it is such a bitter cold today and the wind isn’t helping. I put suet out as well. I would try to put water out but it would freeze in short order.

I am struggling to get one of my candles lit. What?! Did it finally take?! The wick would not stay lit no matter what I did. Apparently the fourth time was the charm. I kept trying to stand the wick up with a pencil before it would die out. Since I have that going I am gonna get this posted. I don’t have any new photos so it will be some of my older ones that I share. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

3 thoughts on “Looking Towards Spring”

  1. Some truly vibrant photos Jen 🙂

    I hear ya on the weather centres .. why WHY do they earn so much damn money for getting the reports these days up to 50% wrong?

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