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Plotting and Planning

The morning is dark and windy. Some light snow is drifting in from the West. Everyone feels tired this morning. I am frustrated with some of my plants. It’s not their fault but I am irritated none the less. I have my favorite hanging plant that is getting infected again with those tiny critters that will spin a soft web line and then hang all kinds of nasties on it. I don’t want to kill the plant but I am struggling to figure out what to do. Last time it got really bad I was able to go out and hang it in a tree and it took care of itself. Mother Nature leant a helping hand. When the plant is indoors is when it seems to get infected. I try the vinegar and water spray and that works for a few days then they are back. Even if I wipe all the leaves off. I am at a loss.

The girls’ boots should arrive today. I am very grateful as I think we will really need them in the upcoming week. I need to go through our dog coats and see it I can find one to better fit Stella. It seems that Essie is slimming down a little but Stella seems to be picking it up. She’ll probably drop it when we can go back outside. This winter has been bitter cold so no one really wants to be outside. Even some of the die hards I work with have been surprised (these are the guys that wear shorts year round up here).

I am hoping that my knee has righted itself. I have no idea what happened but we heard a pop (this was at work and the noise startled my coworker) and I could not stand/walk on my knee. It got a little better after I got home but there was a moment that my knee just completely “snapped” and it hurt like nobody’s business. All I could focus on was that. As the night went on it seemed to get better. It is twinging this morning but so far no major issues.

I have tomorrow off and no meeting. I am glad they cancelled (it was the Harbor Commission so there isn’t much to do or say this time of the year) so I can stay home. I may chat with one or both of my parents. We’ll see how that goes. I may be having too much fun watching the girls in their new boots! I also need time with my novel. I am slowing getting back to it. Even if it is only a page a day.

I’m going to wrap this up for now. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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