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Contemplations: Life, Love, Happiness and Banana Chips

Moose’s anniversary started with a beautiful sunrise. Once I got Essie out after eating she did the strangest thing. She was sniffing along the back fence line like she was looking for something. She stopped right at Moose’s grave and just stood and stared. Then she woofed and bounced at his grave like something was there. I thought maybe she saw a deer or something but there was nothing there.

I bought some banana chips to share with Moose today. It was our special treat together. It was one of the few things we could still share together after the got sick. Stella will eat them but Essie mostly won’t. That’s ok.

Essie still hasn’t gone potty that we have seen but we have missed a lot. This morning was a good example. I kept repeating that I needed to watch her while she was outside but I completely forgot because Stella decided that she wasn’t going out so I was trying to convince her to go out when I realized that Essie had been out for a few minutes already. When I got to the door all she was doing was sniffing around. But I will try my best to keep a closer eye on her the rest of the day.

In bed last night I made another to do list. It is all pretty straight forward. Things like work on my novel, make my list of meetings for work for the month (I guess the store manager is going on vacation and making several weeks in advance), work on my guitar, clean out my wooden fountain pen (I really want to like this pen… but it is such a hassle to get the ink to flow enough to write with that it is quickly becoming an expensive paperweight) and take photos (I should be uploading to my web site as well).

I am debating about getting another tattoo. I have several ideas on what I want but I am not sure what to do next. I am leaning toward more butterflies. I want to get local butterflies on random spots. I have my Monarch (I get so many compliments on it!) and I really love the detail work he did on it. Soooo I would like to get that same effect all over. The other one I want is something to do with books. I just can’t come up with a good concept. So I guess I can scour my photos for butterflies and see about getting a few.

Another goal today is to clean out my long window box. It will fit in the kitchen windows so my goal is to get the nasty dirt out from the mess I got from work and fill it with the Miracle Gro that I have. From there I will start some seeds going. It is a sunny set of windows and there is a heater vent near by so it will stay warm. I thought about moving George there (he is my new succulent) but it would be awfully lonely for him. He needs direct sunlight so I have him on the shelves by the sliding glass door. I just worry that it is too cold for him. That being said he is doing fine so far. Sooooo….

Ok I had better stop of now. I am just rambling on. I want to thank everyone one for their kind words over the past week. It means a lot. I hope you all have an amazing day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

10 thoughts on “Contemplations: Life, Love, Happiness and Banana Chips”

  1. Hey Jen, how many tatoos do you have already? What is it about being inked that you like so much? I am always curious about tatoos – what happens after you get it, how long before you stop staring at a new one or thinking about it and it just becomes you again and what happens if you get bored of it? What is oit about being inked that makes you want to become inked and not say, just get a drawing to hang up on the wall in a frame?

    All asked out of a genuine curiosity. I debated having a tat 40 years ago, decided against it. Mostly because l knew that l would change my mind and then be stuck with a tat l didn’t like.

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    1. I get tattoos for me. I have 13 so far. Each one is linked to a memory (or memories). I have always worried about losing my memories. So what I am doing is putting my memories on me. If when I get old I start to forget I will have pictures to help remind me. I have never gotten tired of any of my ink. Each piece has a story for me. I think long and hard on each piece. I have had my parents each pick out a piece and when they are gone I will put a little of their ashes in the ink for the tattoo.
      I always tell people get a piece that reminds of of someone, something or some place you love. That way when you see it you get the good feelings.

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      1. Got you.

        Do you find that you need to remember your memories? Odd question perhaps, but it’s not, it’s a deep question.

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      2. Strangely enough Jen, it was dementia that l was thinking of … l wonder if a sufferer would benefit from tats as a memory jogger? is there any research on that?

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      3. Well that’s interesting. It does make you wonder on a more intrinsic level, as the inking for most people is to do with memories of good times from afore and there is a pain aspect in so far as getting the work done. It does make you wonder if that piece of body art is enoug to keep parts of the mind active that way.

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