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Silliness With My Pups

Essie has jammed herself up on the love seat with her sister. At first she got on the side where Stella was so she ended up sitting on her. I was able to coax her to get up on the other side (which was interesting because she has problems getting up on things because of her hips and legs). Now both are asleep. Oh I spoke too soon. Essie is sure that because I have Stella behind me on the love seat (mind you I am sitting on the floor at the table) she is missing out on quality love. Nothing will convince her otherwise. Pitbulls can be very silly. But I love mine with all my heart.

Work was hard yesterday due to pain. The strained tendons in my heels and legs are getting worse and my back is starting up again. I hate to go back to the doctor. I have racked up enough medical bills that I need to pay. And I am getting tired of throwing pills at it. Atleast I got sleep last night. But that means I am back to no exercising again.

A year ago at this time I only had one more week with Moose. I wouldn’t do anything differently. Other than fix it so he never got sick in the first place but you don’t know about kidney disease until it is there. I am requesting the 4th of January off so I don’t have to be around people. If I end up ugly crying out of the blue I don’t have to explain it to anyone. I might take a treat out to his grave. His ball and the little whirly gig I put on his grave are still there.

Somehow this post ended up being about my babies. I miss my older ones and love the ones I’ve got. With the exception of one I believe all the dogs I have ever had are buried out back. Well two. I have Dante’s ashes here in the house. The other dog, Stranger, went missing when we lived in Cedar. I try to go out and tell them I miss them and still love them but it can be hard. I had better stop before I start crying. I did not intend for the post to go this way. I will share some photos of my fur babies past and present. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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