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Enjoying the Beauty and Simplicity

Essie is upset because she saw me stretch before beginning this and had hoped that meant that I was done. She and her sister are curled up on the couch together. I did get her to finally eat about midday. Oh now she has gotten some love and is curled up behind me on the love seat. Goofball. And now she is going to lay in front of the bedroom door. Busy puppy. 🙄

Not much got done that was planned but that is ok. It was a good day and that is all that matters. I love the books Chris got me. He got me a three-book collection of Coraline, The Graveyard Book and “Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman as well as The Wander’s Guide To Dragon Keeping by an author I found here on WordPress Ashley O’Melia. We got a beautiful small handmade olive oil pot and small but very tasty bottle of espresso liquor (both made in Israel) from Chris Mom and Stepdad. For the occasion I pulled out the hand-blown liquor glasses that my parents brought back from Italy for my Grandma (Dad’s Mom). And I set them out on a little tablecloth that my Grams (Mom’s Mom) embroidered.

Mom and I had a good long chat trying to figure out when was a good time to get together after the first of the year. She has several appointments the first two weeks so we might put it off til the end of January. We’ll see. I have to show her how to get on Amazon and look at the lists. (Yes I sent her a link but she is having some issues with things so it will just be easier if I am there to see what is wrong instead of her trying to explain it over the phone.)

This morning is quiet and dark. We did get some sun yesterday which the girls and I took advantage of. When I opened the door to let them out this morning even the ever-present roosters were silent. It was as if everything had stopped for a moment. I just stood there in the doorway and listened. Then Essie reminded me that I needed to make them breakfast.

I find myself getting lost in the quiet. I kept the door open for a little bit despite the cold outside (still no snow) because I just wanted to feel it. During the summer months that door is wide open as often as I can. The girls can go in and out and I can just sit and stare while sitting on the porch. I miss feeling the breeze on my face during the winter months. And with no snow then it doesn’t feel like it is winter so …..

I got a few photos over the course of the day that I will share. The really cool one was the eagle that flew overhead. I am not sure how good the shot will be as I did not have the right lens on (I was out there to get pictures of the blue sky and clouds). Hopefully I can get it blown up and keep the photo looking clean. We’ll see! I should probably wrap this one up and get my day started. I hope everyone has an amazing day! Thank you for all the well wishes yesterday! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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