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Winter Whipped

Aaaaand now we have several inches of snow with howling winds. Oof. It’s a good thing I decided to wear my Supernatural sweatshirt today! That will keep me warm beneath my hoodie. To cheer up another coworker on Friday I will wear my Cthulhu tee shirt. And both are Christmas themed so no one can say anything! Lol. (Side note: it will be in the 40s on Friday so all the snow will probably be gone. Again.)

It is a very bitterly cold wind that has been blowing since yesterday. Stella usually knocks on the door to be let in but this morning I thought she would break the glass with her paw she knocked so hard! She came flying in, got some love and zipped right back into bed. Essie is out here with me on the couch.

I decided to write this on my phone since I tried to sleep in a little. I feel like I got no sleep but I tried. Tomorrow’s goal is to try to come up with topics to write about for the new year. I might also do writing prompts sprinkled in there too. If anyone has suggestions or something they would like to read about on here please let me know!

I also want to go through my photos so I can add more. It will take a while but I want to get to my earlier posts from years past and delete some photos to make room. In the beginning I only had one photo so it will be maybe my second year that I started adding photos.

I am going to wrap this up so I can try to read atleast a few of your blogs before work. As always thank you for reading and stay safe!

7 thoughts on “Winter Whipped”

    1. We’ve had really deep snow once this year and it was gone in a couple of days. The same thing is supposed to happen with this. Honestly the wind is strong enough it is blowing it away before it accumulates too much. But that wind is nasty cold. Thanks for reaching out! 😊

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      1. That is good to hear. I think more and more people here will be investing in generators after this mess. So many people and local stores lost all their food stuffs because of no power. We got lucky at work and still had power.

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