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Word Wrangling

I feel like I am in a rush this morning. I was asked to come in to work early. I wanted to say no but I know that the store manager isn’t feeling too good. He was still there when I left and he got there before I did. And I am now wearing my coffee. Atleast I didn’t get any on the laptop. Yesterday was a day. I was hoping that today would be better. I guess we will see.

The internet is officially back. I was wondering since we had strong winds last night whether or not it would still be up. Whereas I am grateful to have the keyboard to type on I feel like I spend too much time on my laptop. I don’t really. This is all I do on my laptop unless I need to write an article. And this is the first time in what? five days that I have used it.

The morning is gloomy. Grey skies and no snow. What we had is gone. Again. It’s like this weird cycle. It’s still cold but half of us like the no snow thing and the other half want snow. (Us being the local community.) Despite happy dreams my mood is grey as well. I received my current issues of Poets & Writers as well as The Writer yesterday. I saved them both for bed as a treat. There were several articles that resonated strongly with me. And a lot of introspection went into my journaling last night. That on top of the hard day at work (we lost four of our eight gas pumps on top of being busy and trying to calm angry customers) I feel a bit wrung out. But I just need to get through tonight and a shift tomorrow and I have a day off. I do work Christmas Eve but I am morning manager so that will be a bit easier I think than closing. Too many last minute shoppers that don’t realize that we close at 6pm that day. But that will be someone else’s worry.

I have decided to keep going with this blog. I need to get into my photos and delete what I can so I am able to start sharing more. With the early work day I won’t have time today or tomorrow. Hopefully Thursday. I am going to try to tweak my format a well. Maybe a different theme each day instead of a type of journaling. Similar to the “Taco Tuesday” that restaurants have. Maybe something like “Monday Musings” or some such. I am leaning toward “Reviewing Wednesdays” since that will keep me reading different books.

I had better wrap this up. I still have emails to go through from the past five days. It looks like it is pushing almost 2,000 emails. I hope to make a dent in it before work. Opinions and suggestions welcome. Thanks for reading and for your support! Stay safe!

5 thoughts on “Word Wrangling”

  1. …. is pushing almost 2,000 emails. I hope to make a dent in it before work. Opinions and suggestions welcome. Thanks for reading and for your support! Stay safe!

    If it is suggestions for helping to curve the 2000 emails? Then delete them all and start afresh again but this time go to your settings and press the notification that says please stop notifying me everytime someone publishes a post – might sound harsh, but it’ll make your life way easier Jen. Don’t let emails control your life, take the control back my friend.

    Once you have a firm hand back on that, you can then chill a bit and decide in leisure what format your blog can take in the future – life’s too short for too many emails Jen 🙂

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      1. It’ll award you peace of mind Jen. I have a hidden page within my blog that l can access, and it has the home page links of everyone l follow and read from weekly.

        I have no notifications land in my inbox, because l have everything switched off.

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  2. It makes the difference between having 2000 unread emails in your inbox and stressing about it to not having an uncontrollable quantity of stress in your box 🙂 You can still read direct from the reader.

    More and more bloggers are disabling the notifications to avoid email overwhelm.

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