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Where Oh Where Has The Internet Gone?

We still have no internet but I will write my blog none the less. My “days posted” will be back at one on here but I know I wrote every day regardless.

The wind is gone. I don’t know if anyone lost power around here. Thankfully we did not. But there will be a lot of clean up. Branches and random things are all over the place. What I thought was a trampoline that had blown over is actually a tent. I was going to get it a try to save it for whomever list it but the base of it is shredded. It’s still there at the back gate looking forlorn.

The skies are grey with a little blue in them so they don’t look so stern. All the snow is gone but the temperature has dropped. It is cold out there! Everything looks so gloomy.

The girls are both under blankets. Stella is asleep but Essie keeps looking at me because I am sitting on the loveseat beside Stella. She thinks I should be sitting next to her.

I was able to do a workout yesterday! That is one thing being sick helped with is my back. I will have a twinge here and there but so far I can function again. ❤️ It felt good to be able to exercise. It is a small 10 minute or so routine. Nothing dramatic. My body is sore but a good sore.

I hope everyone has a great day! I don’t know when this will post. Chris us angry because he just paid the bill. He isn’t able to play any of his games. Everything is online. Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe out there!

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