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Inside the Blow Out

Here I am way too early. No idea if things will get really sketchy or not. The winds have really picked up. The power blipped out once and freaked Essie out. I gave her some medicine to help her calm down but she refuses to go back into the bedroom. Stella got up too. So I just pulled al my stuff and we are now in the living room. Stella is asleep on the love seat behind me. Essie’s medicine is kicking in so she is asleep on the couch on my pillow. I managed to get them fed and they went potty. Essie went right outside but Stella took some convincing.

As the sun comes up and illuminated things Stella gets more uneasy. We can see the trees bending sideways as well as hear the wind. Big, fat dark clouds are moving in from the west.

Essie is now wedged on the love seat with Stella. She isn’t shaking but she is staring out the window wearily. Stella is shaking a little.

Watching the trees outside. Absolutely nothing moving. Then it’s like slow motion movement until the trees are whipping around almost bending in half.

Essie is starting to fall asleep but she fighting hard. She has finally laid down again. I hope I don’t need to get up for anything.

I am writing this on my phone since my laptop can’t connect to the internet. I’m not sure when this will post if the internet is out. Atleast on my phone I can write the post even if the internet is out.

It is bright enough I can probably put the candle out. I am so tired right now. I stayed up late reading. The wind was all but non existent then. There was fog here and there but it was warm enough (a very quick temperature rise to around 60F (sorry my muddled brain isn’t up to converting to C) to melt the last of the snow.

Dare I try to sleep here in the floor? I brought my pillow and Moose’s blanket in hopes of being able to sleep on the couch. If I move they will both get up. But then a huge wind gust opens everyone’s eyes.

Sorry this is long and rambling. I will try to get this posted and read your blogs as well. Thank you for reading! Stay safe!❤️

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