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Smooth, Clean Taste with a Dash of Confusion

A better cup of coffee I have never had… sigh. I am drinking a cup of The Coffee Beanery’s chocolate raspberry. Usually there is a bitter taste when I have my favorite flavors in coffee form. But this… this is smooth from start to finish.

But I’m not here to talk about coffee. Balance is the topic for this morning. How do you find it let alone keep it? Just this morning I am feeling behind the 8 ball. I needed to get the extra sleep but I also needed to get my article written and submitted. I needed to get this written, the girls want to get attention (since I worked both jobs the past two days they haven’t seen very much of me), the plants need to be watered again, laundry has to get put into the dryer so my work clothes are done (I threw them in the washer when I got home last night)…

I am trying to branch out in my writing but I feel… ? I feel like I can’t break through the wall. I am hoping that a few writer’s conferences that I have found for the Spring will help. Being face to face with other writers might give me the extra push I need. I have had several offers to publish articles if I write them but with everything I have going on and me trying to take downtime it feels impossible. I know I can do it but at what price? When is enough enough?

My writing has fallen into disuse in some areas. I find that I keep using the same words over and over again. (I guess I need one of those A-Word-A-Day desk calendars.) I find it hard to express myself in various mediums. My fiction suffers because I try to be precise and short with the articles for the paper. Since word count does count for the paper I have to pick and choose my words. With a novel or a short story I have more freedom but I find myself restricted. I have written so much nonfiction that I have a hard time just letting go for fiction. I am so free with my wording on here that I have a hard time finding the balance when I write my freelance articles. I can have my own voice, but I also need to be creative. It is hard to explain. I tend to write my articles (and reviews) very cut and dry like I do for my newspaper articles. I need to have more flavor and spice to my other nonfiction projects. Not so stuffy.

I had a woman at the meeting yesterday morning tell me that the Elk Rapids News was not a real newspaper. She regarded the previous incarnation a real newspaper. Part of me was upset because of course it is a real newspaper! But then I thought about it and I think I understand what she means. It is a local paper with local dealings. There is nothing about the rest of the world.

I should wrap this up. I am running late and this needs to get posted. I will share some old photos as this morning is rainy and dark. Almost all the snow is gone. Again. Do any of you have trouble balancing everything you have going on in your life? How do you do it? I look forward to reading what you have to say. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

6 thoughts on “Smooth, Clean Taste with a Dash of Confusion”

  1. Hey Jen, sometimes the best way to find balance is to listen to a great soundtrack and let your mind drift into properly. It is usually even better if you have seen a great film that you fell in love with the soundtrack to.

    My balance soundtrack is The Beach – some excellent songs and your 8Ball reminded me of one of the tracks

    So find music you can fall into and allow your mind to absorb my friend! Everything will make sense.

    Fabulous photos 🙂

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    1. I replied the other day but no internet so it didn’t post. Thank you for sharing. I will listen to it when internet comes back. One of my favorite albums is the one Anne Rice put together for her novel “Violin.”

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      1. Sometimes as much as l love music, the music on the abstract mind makes no difference, but once l start listening to a favourited soundtrack/album, one that has good memories attached to it, l can unwind and balance out pretty quickly 🙂

        I’ll check out the AR one also 🙂

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    1. It tickled me to see the theme from “Inspector Morse” as that is one of my faves! Thank you for sharing! I am sorry the response took so long. It did not appear on my phone only my laptop and I found it in the spam folder for some reason. 🙄


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