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Pink Blush In The Morning

The sky is blushing from blues to pinks and back again. It is quite beautiful. Last night I finally got some sleep. A few hours but better than none. By the time I was able to doze off it had been almost 40 hours since the last time I slept. I am not a fan of that. but my schedule is all over the place with both jobs. And things have gotten crazier at work as now the store manager is down with COVID. Honestly I just want to make it to my next day off!

More and more pink is suffusing the sky. It reminds me of the sunset we had the other night… but on the other side of the house. I got my piece written for last night’s meeting. That has been sent it. Here shortly I need to get myself back to Elk Rapids for another meeting. I am hoping that it will be a short one but I haven’t seen the agenda yet. Stella is wadded up beneath blankets behind me asleep. Essie is curled up on the blankets in front of the bedroom door. She wasn’t happy with me because I had to turn the hallway light on to read my notes from last night. I had forgotten that the lamp behind the love seat is on a timer.

Despite the craziness in my life I have managed to get everything done that needs to be. So far. The day is young! I would like nothing better than to curl back up in bed with the family but bills gotta be paid! Today and tomorrow…. I can do this! Speaking of which I need to get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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