Fun Opportunity

Yesterday was a little eventful. I looked out the window not long after I got home and saw what at first glance seemed to be another mourning dove. However at second glance I noticed that it seemed to be sitting on something. And that whatever it was was still moving. I reexamined the bird and quietly called Chris over for a look. We both stood there in awe for a few seconds. It was a raptor bird of some kind! In our yard! Up close! Quickly and quietly I zipped across the room and snagged my camera. I got as close to the sliding glass door as I dared and started clicking away. I got some decent shots too. I haven’t taken the time to lighten them yet to make the colors pop so I apologize for that. I might eventually put these on my photography page. I am so excited! I also looked up in my Michigan bird book what type of bird of prey this was. It was a Cooper’s Hawk. Interestingly enough they are usually only here during the summer months. They stay downstate for the winter.

Work was long and cold. Apparently our heater at work was going out. So that made me even grumpier. However I do have to admit that once I got home things started to improve. We got hit with our own dose of weird weather though. When I left in the wee hours it was warm and raining pretty good. As the day progressed the temperature started to drop. At times it was a heavy rain/snow mix. By the time I got home it was a heavy snow. As evening drew near the snow stopped and we got the most amazing sunset! The colors!!! I was clicking away with both the Nikon and my phone! The temperature got pretty cold because the skies were clear when I let the girls out in the middle of the night. This morning nothing but blue sky. (I have to admit I wanted it to still be bad weather because I don’t want to work on my day off but there it is.)

I had to move my laptop back into my office and plug it in. The battery had all but died after writing my first post. Stella has decided that she wants to hang with me in here. And in the sun that is coming in my window. The bird feeder is busy despite yesterday’s casualty. That means I should probably check the food level sometime today. I can also use it as an excuse to take a bunch of photos. Ooo… but I do need to charge my battery so it doesn’t die at the party this afternoon. On these notes my friends I had better get myself moving. There is laundry to do yet so I have jeans to wear. Thank you for reading and stay safe!

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